SHARK WEEK Preview Clips

Discovery Channel‘s SHARK WEEK kicks off its 23rd year with ULTIMATE AIR JAWS on Sunday, August 1 at 9PM ET/PT. Using the very latest in technology, including an HD camera that shoots in super slow motion–2,000 frames per second, or 20 to 30 times slower than “typical” slow motion footage–ULTIMATE AIR JAWS slows down the footage of a breaching shark from one second in real time to almost a full minute. The unparalleled resolution provides so much detail that you can literally count every tooth in the shark’s mouth.

Technology also plays a key role in INTO THE SHARK BITE (Tuesday, August 3 9PM ET/PT), a special where viewers can watch the power of a shark bite filmed with the latest high-speed, high-definition cameras from extraordinary angles–ending up literally inside the jaws of sharks.

This year, Discovery Channel has also wrangled Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson and tossed him overboard. See if Ferguson has the guts to not only dive with sharks, but feed them, too…without a cage! Craig Ferguson hosts BEST BITES on Wednesday, August 4 at 9PM ET/PT.