‘Shark’ Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter: Madeline Poe

Date Of Birth: October 30th, 1980  City: Toronto, Ontario

Sarah Carter's television series credits include a lead role in "Black Sash," recurring roles in "Smallville" and CBS's NUMB3RS, and guest-starring appearances in "Entourage," "Boston Legal," "Undeclared," "Dark Angel" and "The Twilight Zone."

Her first audition in 2001 landed her a role in the film "Mindstorm." Her additional film credits include "Final Destination II" and the upcoming films "DOA: Dead or Alive" and "Skinwalkers," and the independent films "Haven," with Orlando Bloom, "Barstool Words" and "Berkeley."

Carter spent her school years training as a dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After high school, she spent a year in Switzerland studying fine arts and art history at Neuchâtel Junior College, a one-year, pre-university program. She studied theater for a year at Ryerson University in Toronto before being discovered by a casting agent who convinced her to move to Vancouver.

She was also an avid member of the Canadian Debate Team, traveling to countries like Austria, England, and Argentina for world level competitions.