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DVD/BLURAY Release Date: January 3rd, 2011

Your deepest fears are about to surface with this frightening tale of seven vactioners whose fun weekend at a lake house turns into a nightmare when they become victims of a series of hellish shark attacks.  From David R. Ellis, the director of The Final Destination, SHARK NIGHT features a sexy ensemble cast that brings a whole new dimension of terror to the screen.  Jam-packed with exciting extras the Blu-ray and DVD comes up for air on January 3rd.

In general, shark attacks are a pretty rare occurrence, but film and television have made the fear of man-eating sharks real for many people. Vicious shark attacks are scary to begin with, but when sharks attack in areas that they normally don’t inhabit, it’s downright terrifying! Here we will highlight four real life shark sightings and attacks in random areas.

2001 – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Most people think that you can avoid encountering sharks if you stick to shallow water. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In September of 2001, a 10 year-old boy was swimming with his father in Virginia Beach, VA when he was attacked and killed by what authorities believe to be a bull shark. The boy was only in four-foot deep water, 50 feet from shore. This was the first fatal shark attack in Virginia’s history, and there had only been five reported shark attacks in Virginia prior to this.

2011 – Seal Island, South Africa

Usually, you think you’re safe from sharks if you’re on a boat. But sometimes, being on a boat doesn’t keep guarantee your safety. In 2011 off the coast of Seal Island, South Africa, a great white shark jumped onto a seven-person research vessel. The shark was trapped on the deck of the boat for over an hour, cutting fuel lines and damaging equipment in the process. No one was harmed during the incident, and the shark was later safely returned to the ocean. As far as anyone knows, this is the first time a shark has jumped onto a research vessel.

1916 – Beach Haven, New Jersey

During a fatal heat wave in New Jersey in 1916, four people were killed by shark attacks. The first victim was the first known shark attack in the United States. The victim was attacked, most likely by a great white shark, about 40 yards from the shore. Shortly after the final attacks, a great white shark was caught, and its stomach contained 15 pounds of human flesh – so the four attacks may have been the work of just a single shark.

2011 – Russia’s East Coast

Russia is not typically known for being shark territory – you usually have to be wearier of bears and the like in Russia. However, in August of 2011, what scientists presume to be a great white shark attacked two people off of Russia’s east coast. No one was killed in these attacks, and these are the first shark attacks ever recorded in the region. Even shark sightings in this area are rare. Scientists believe that a lack of food and warmer water temperatures could have drawn the sharks to the region.

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