Shannen Doherty Stars in FEARnet Series

FEARnet (, the world’s premier horror, thriller and suspense website, will unleash the animated, darkly comedic Web series “Mari-Kari” on Thursday, June 3.  The short-form eight episode series follows a lively grade school girl named Mari, and the ghost of her identical twin sister Kari.  Shannen Doherty (“Beverly Hills 90210,” “Charmed” and recent contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”) provides the voices for both Mari and Kari.

The first two episodes of “Mari-Kari” will go live June 3, with subsequent new episodes premiering in pairs every Thursday in June on FEARnet.

“Mari-Kari” begins with Mari’s return to school after the recent and unexplained death of her sister, Kari.  Calamity and hilarity ensue as the revenge-minded Kari unleashes her wrath on everyone who torments and teases her sweet-natured sister. Set in the ordinary world of Mari, viewers see how her supernatural sisterly bond affects her life at home, at school, on the bus, at the mall – and how her life and her sister’s lack of one makes them a very scary pair. Their close relationship has a dire effect on anyone who has the ill fate of coming between them.

The animated series’ tongue-in-cheek action unfolds over eight, 1-2 minute episodes built in flash and inspired by Japanese anime.  Jody Schaeffer is the director as well as the writer and creator.  Executive producers are Austin Reading and Jim Burns.  Keith Fay also serves as a writer for the series.

“Mari-Kari combines the playfulness of animation with the elements of a truly grotesque thriller, for a finished product that will leave viewers in a state of shock, horror and delight,” said Diane Robina, President, FEARnet.  “We are proud to continuously offer our fans original programming that both pushes the envelope and thoroughly entertains.”

A cast of unforgettable characters round out the Mari/Kari duel, from Shari – the Perez Hilton of Gilles de Rais Elementary, to Larry – a lovable dead kid who lives in the shed behind Mari and Kari’s house.  The first season concludes with a bizarre twist that pits sister against sister.

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