Send Your Friends to Hell with New Dante’s Inferno FaceBook App

Well here’s some cheery holiday news! The Dante’s Inferno team proudly announces today the launching of its brand new FaceBook app, “Go to Hell,” which, coincidentally, may also be your response back upon hearing this news.

What this application lets you do, it seems, is send anyone or anything-your mom, your noisy 360, a certain obnoxious game marketing campaign-to one of the nine circles of hell as represented in Dante’s poem. Then others can punish or absolve your victim, as they wish. The only hitch is that that person or thing has to be on FaceBook already. So, like, if you were thinking of sending John Wilkes Booth to hell, forget it. Actually, I take that back. I just searched on Lincoln’s assassin in FaceBook and came up with a couple hits. So there you go. You can even send John Wilkes Booth to hell.

So what are you waiting for? FaceBook users can go to, while everyone else can go to to be a big meanie.

For more details, read the official press release, and for more on Dante’s Inferno, check out the