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Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Iddo Goldberg as Ben and Billie Piper as “Hanna” in Secret Diary of a Call GirlPhoto: Ed Miller/Showtime

When Secret Diary of a Call Girl returns Sunday night, our hooker with a heart of gold, the lovely Hannah/Belle, is in a good place. Making tons of money as an independent escort, completely open and honest about her job with her best friend (and, in my opinion, soul mate) Ben, Hannah/Belle has it all. She has inadvertently become a mentor to the bubbly Bambi, a new “escort” looking for advice. What the show lacked last season was a friend for Belle (not just a friend for Hannah), and I think that while she’s a bit abrasive in the beginning, Bambi is a good fit.

After a case of mistaken identity puts Hannah/Belle in the path of Dr. Alex (the PERFECT Callum Blue), suddenly the Hannah side of her world is thrown for a loop. This season, the show tackles what happens when Hannah is happy in her personal life and I think it’s better for it. The show is still darkly comic, very tongue in cheek, and full of just as many crazy sexual situations as last year.

Billie Piper looks amazing for a woman in her second trimester (a real life predicament they, thankfully, didn’t write into the show) and the chemistry she manages to have with every single person she plays opposite is fantastic. And Iddo Goldberg (Ben) is slowly climbing to the top of my “marry me” list of actors! After the four episodes Showtime sent us, I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens next!

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The Season Premiere Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Kicks Off On Showtime Sunday, January 18th At 10:30PM EST


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