Second Wave Of Pilot Previews From TakeFiveGal


Human Target

Time for some more pilot previewing, this time in the form of 2 CBS dramas, 1 CBS comedy, and the 2 new FOX dramas in order of my interest in watching:

1.    Past Life – Starring a cast of relative unknowns aside from Richard Schiff, this is the show that uses your past life memories to solve your unsolved murder.  In a past life.  Make sense?  It might not at first, but watching, it held my interest the entire time, and the leads (Kelli Giddish and Nicholas Bishop, himself a cross between Thomas Jane and Simon Baker) had an easy chemistry that didn’t scream “we’re going to be a will they won’t they forever”.  It was just well done.  And it got me to cry, and you know how I like to cry!  A-

2.    Human Target – Mark Valley and Chi McBride?  Yes please!  The show, about the DC comic of the same name, centers around Christopher Chance, a man who can become whatever you need him to be, the Human Target in question.  It’s a little bit The Pretender, and whole lot of typical Mark Valley and Chi McBride.  The pilot features explosions and Tricia Helfer.  Nicely done! B+

3.    The Good Wife – Juliana Margulies plays the Wife in question, and she’s perfectly good in the part.  Her husband, played by Chris Noth, was up to no good, and she has to rebound, and get back in the work force (as a lawyer) to make money to re-pay court fees, etc.  The show was good, Matt Czuchry was perfectly cast as the competitive associate, and, sigh, Josh Charles is there!  I think it’s probably going to be another weekly law show, but it’s not harmful or bad. B- with potential for B+ if it surprises me in a second episode.

4.    Three Rivers – I enjoy me some Alex O’Loughlin.  More than I ever thought possible now that his hair is cut and adorable.  But that alone doesn’t save Three Rivers from being a clichéd doctor show.  Yes, the transplant team thing is widely un-explored as far as story goes, but the show doesn’t really do anything different.  The bigger names in the supporting cast are being replaced and that will help change the score to a higher letter, but for now, it gets a C.

5.    Accidentally on Purpose – Oh Jenna Elfman!  I loved Dharma and Greg in the early years, when your quirk was adorable.  It’s not as adorable as it used to be in this TV version of Knocked Up, starring her, Grant Show, Ashley Jensen, Jon Foster (yes, he’s Ben’s brother), and a variety of unfamiliar faces.  It’s a perfectly okay show.  I just think they put way too much story into the pilot.  They would have had a better show if they set the story up, and watched it unfold all season.  C-.