Seat42f WonderCon 2009 Coverage

Adam Yvonne Chuck Wondercon


Throughout my oh so long career as Chit Chat Gal I have had the opportunity to interview people I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be speaking to.  And as cool as that has been, all of my interviews have always taken place over the phone so I never got to see facial expressions, read their body language or honestly geek out when I got to meet them in person.  So this past weekend was a first for me.  I was finally allowed out of the CCG Cage and sent to the annual WonderCon that takes place in San Francisco, California. My first mission while I was there was to sit down with the creators and cast of the NBC show Chuck and after the Press Room I got to sit in with the rest of the fans at WonderCon for the big question and answer panel and see some sneak peeks of things to come.

So as I sat in the lobby awaiting the arrival of the cast and creators I was witness to this huge line forming by the fans for the panels that would take place in a few hours. All these people were there to get a glimpse of some of their favorite stars and shows.  It is quite amazing to see people in costume and just “geek out”, and when I say “geek out” that is a term of love because I was ready to “geek out” myself since I would soon meet the cast of Chuck, which I am a HUGE fan of.

Once inside the Press Room we were seated at banquet tables that fit about eight to ten people. The cast and creators of Chuck would come in and fill in the spaces at the tables and switch half way through so we all would get our equal opportunity to drool over Zachary Levi (like I said I was ready to geek out) and I guess Yvonne Strahovski for the guys in the room.


Josh Gomez Wondercon

First up I was seated with co-creator Chris Fedak and cast members Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez. For those of you who don’t watch Chuck every week or well, ever (WHY?), Zach plays Chuck and Josh plays Morgan on the show.

I thought I might be nervous actually meeting these guys in person even though I had talked to them all on the phone before but, in all honesty, they were so nice and easy to talk to and had us in stitches laughing quite a few times throughout the interview, even when they moved on to the next table.  The banter of Zach and Josh was amazing and it was clear that they aren’t just friends on screen, but off screen as well.


Chuck Wondercon


Now it was time to try and get our questions in and when you are in a Press Room there are definitely those people who try to monopolize the stars but I would have none of that.  I believe the most important question was thrown out first to both groups we met with from Chuck: what do they think the status of a season three is? Zach said that they really don’t have a clear pick up from the network but he felt really good about them coming back because they have always made the show that NBC wanted: an action comedy with a bit of art.  Later in the session co-creator Josh Schwartz also spoke the same sentiment and said that Chuck has critical acclaim and such a loyal fan base and that he also feels good about the show coming back.  So, fingers crossed this is true and, if NBC hasn’t made their decision yet, there were A LOT of people in San Francisco rooting for this show and will be quite disappointed if it doesn’t come back.

The rest of the time with Zach, Josh, and Chris was mostly like hanging out with your friends.  Zach and Josh talked about their flight up to San Francisco from Los Angeles and how they got into a discussion while on the plane about the X-Box Magazine they were reading and the pros and cons of some of the games they are both playing i.e. Kill Zone 2, and Halo Wars so, in a nutshell, they don’t have to try so hard to play their characters on TV.  We talked a lot about how Chuck is really a show about a guy having a quarter life crisis who has to deal with normal everyday relationships, romances, his bromance with Morgan and ,from time to time, an explosion or some death defying moment.

Next up we met with Yvonne who plays Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin who plays John Casey, and co-creator Josh Schwartz.  And let me say that at the panel discussion it was Adam Baldwin who got the largest fan applause and I had no idea that he had so many fans but he definitely has a following.  I had a very special moment with Yvonne as we were switching groups.  She had the most amazing pinkish magenta heels on that I loved.  She and I must have talked about those shoes for a good few minutes. I guess when it comes to being a girl it really doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living – shoes are our common link.  When talking to Adam, who had brought his daughter along for the weekend, we learned that he might just be the geekiest member of the cast and she reaffirmed this and says that especially when he tries to dance he is a big geek.  I guess the guy doesn’t really have much rhythm but that doesn’t bug him one bit. He will keep on moving on the dance floor and I have to give the guy mad props. I love a guy who will dance and not care what everyone else thinks.  Yvonne talked about being an Aussie and that she loves hanging with the guys on set and she is the only one who does most of her stunts, whereas everyone else does about 1/3 or a little bit more She is one tough and beautiful lady.  As the press room stuff died down and we got ready to move on to the panel discussion, we got to take some photos of the cast and then my moment of the day happened for me: I was able to take a photo with Zach and Josh. It was great and I think I smiled from ear to ear for at least 24 hours after that.


Chuck Cast At Wondercon


As the panel discussion began we got to see some things to come on Chuck and if you don’t like spoilers, you may want to stop reading at this point and look for the next section.  In the coming episodes leading up to the finale there are some great guests stars, some that haven’t been on the show before and a few that have. Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner comes back as Captain Awesome’s parent’s, Chevy Chase will be on for at least 3 episodes and he plays a character unlike anyone he has ever played before.  Last, but not least, on the special guests list is Scott Bakula who plays Chuck and Ellie’s dad, and Zach mentioned this many times throughout the time we had with him that if we even are lucky enough to meet Scott for two seconds it will be the best two seconds of your life because he is just a great human being. The last two pieces of juicy gossip are that there will be more than one wedding coming up and Jeffster makes another appearance as we move into the finale, which is sure to take Chuck’s Season 3 into a new and exciting direction.


Summer Glau Wondercon

After my first mission was complete I wasn’t quite sure the day could remain on such a high but the next group did not disappoint.  We got to meet with the creator Josh Friedman and a few of the ladies, Shirley Manson (yes of Garbage), and Summer Glau from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  First up my group got to meet with Shirley Manson.  I had spoken to Shirley once on the phone and, as a big Garbage fan, it was amazing to hear her Scottish voice on the other end of the phone.  She sat down and, wow, she is quite a pretty lady and very honest and nice.  She spoke about how she met Josh Friedman at a baby shower and that at some point during the party he came up to her and asked her what she thought about playing a Terminator and she said she would love to, although she honestly thought he was kidding.  A few weeks later she got the call that they would like for her to come in and audition and the rest is history.  Since this is her first role she has had to learn a lot of the technical terms as she has gone along and when she watches the show each week, live with the audience, she usually cringes at herself except for the one scene where she pretty much had a killing spree she said that impressed her and she believed she was a real bad ass.  Once we were done talking with Shirley, Summer and Josh met with us.  The first question that was asked of Josh was what is the status on season three, and he said he has no idea at all.  He knows their ratings aren’t fantastic but for a Friday he feels like they are pretty good and he thinks the rest of the episodes this season are fantastic and he really hopes that FOX picks them up.  I asked him if he filmed the finale as a season and series finale and he said no because that isn’t fair to the audience or the integrity of the show. So, for the big fans of this show, I hope it does get picked up.

At the panel discussion we got to see a few scenes but not with a lot of explanation.  It looks as though John and Cameron may hook up but the scene wasn’t clear and way out of context and of course no one would tell us the “truth”.  The questions that the audience asked in this panel were way more technical about the Terminators and since the panel was very hush hush about the upcoming episodes, we didn’t really get any answers from them, which was kind of a bummer.


Harper's Island Wondercon

And, finally, the last mission of the day was to sit in on the first-ever viewing of the upcoming CBS program Harper’s Island. The show is about a couple returning to Harper’s Island to get married and the cast is quite large in episode one with 25 people but as the 13 episode season goes on more and more people will die until we find out who the killer is at the end.  A very interesting concept, which could be a lot of fun to watch since it is all wrapped up in one season. And if it goes off well the following seasons will have new casts and new mysteries.  After we watched the pilot we got to sit in with executive producers Jeffrey Bell, Dan Shotz, and Karim Zreik, as well as Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, and Elaine Cassidy. Katie and Chris play the soon-to-be married couple and Elaine plays Chris’ character Henry’s best friend from when they grew up and she has a painful history because she left the island after her mother was killed there seven years prior and never has come back until now. The executive producers made it clear that no matter who the actor was or their role on the show that no one is safe at all and each death will be very creative.  I think I am going to try and give it some DVR love and check it out.  The pilot was a bit slow but I definitely think it will pick up as more characters start to get killed.

So that was my day at WonderCon.  It really was such a fantastic experience and if I am lucky maybe seat42f will send me out again in the future, but if not I had my big smile moment and I got to touch Zach Levi and that pretty much makes it all complete in the big world of interviewing, at least for now.  

Make sure to tune in to Chuck on Mondays at 8pm on NBC, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fridays at 8pm on FOX, and Harper’s Island starting April 9th at 9pm on CBS.