Seat42f Wednesday Night New TV Primer

Peter Krause PhotoSeat42f Breaks Down All The New Wednesday Shows

Understandably most of the questions we have received from our readers recently revolve around the upcoming Fall Season. Questions about new shows have dominated our email inbox so we thought we would give you a quick overview of each new show premiering this season. You won’t find any fancy pictures or videos just a quick seat42f take, a grade and what we predict the chances are for the series. We’ll also toss in a “Tune In If You Like” category to give you an idea of what other show or movie it would fit with. We will update the list each day this week.
New This Fall On Wednesdays
Show: Back To You
Network : Fox
What We Liked : A solid “old school” comedy.
What We Didn’t Like : A lot like the same feeling we had with “Reaper.” Nothing wrong with the series but not sure if it’s appointment TV.
Tune In If You Like : Fraiser
Grade : B
Success Factor : Seems like a lock for big things. Open with good enough numbers and then stay afloat until “American Idol” is back and that pairing should keep “Back To You” around for this season and seasons to come. Which is a good thing for FOX because it very well may be the only new FOX show that survives this season.

Show: Bionic Woman
Network : NBC
What We Liked : Pretty cool action sequences for a TV show.
What We Didn’t Like : There was zero chemistry between Jamie and Will so hopefully they bring in a new love interest.
Tune In If You Like : The Bionic Woman, Alias
Grade : C+
Success Factor : One of the bigger disappointments from the pilot season. The pilot tried to cram way too much into 42 minutes and as a viewer we were left spinning in all sorts of directions with no clear focus. The timeslot is SUPER crowded so hopefully the first episode has been tweaked enough to offer a better pace in story. As much as we didn’t care for the pilot with the cast and team behind the series sure to deliver a better finished product we still expect this series to turn around quickly and do very well in the time slot. Should get a nice bump the second week as people drift away from “Private Practice.”

Show: Dirty Sexy Money
Network : ABC
What We Liked : Fantastic breath of fresh air with the cast and writing. What TV should be.
What We Didn’t Like : Like Lost,Heroes and a host of other shows the cast may be too big. Also, it's 2007 and we line in an internet driven world so couldn't they come up with a more internet friendly name? Trying googling "Dirty Sexy Money" or variations of that title. it's not good. 
Tune In If You Like : Dallas, Wes Anderson Movies
Grade : A-
Success Factor: Second best pilot we saw this year. Peter Krause once again delivers in the lead role and the show seems destined for bigger and better things. The potential is still there for “Private Practice” to ruin the night if it doesn’t provide the “it” show ratings factor that ABC is hoping for. If “Practice” fails it may doom the night which would be a shame for the Wednesday night bookends “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Pushing Daisies.” Also, “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Big Shots” should swap places in our opinion, but depending on how the two start the season it’s still a possibility down the road.  

Show: Gossip Girl
Network : CW
What We Liked : Feeling like the OC never went away.
What We Didn’t Like : One episode into the series and we still don’t have the outsider to root for. Even the not so elite aren’t really outsiders. The OC gave us Ryan,Julie and even Sandy Cohen as people in a world they didn’t grow up in.  
Tune In If You Like : The OC, 90210
Grade : B+
Success Factor : Barring a huge ratings drop this week it seems safe that it will be around for at least one full season. As the episodes get better more people should find the series where it can stay comfortably in that 4 Million viewer range. Would be the networks first hit and in our book a success.

Show: Life
Network : NBC
What We Liked : Caught us off guard. Sure there are bits of House in this series but it was refreshing to see a cop show from a different vantage point.
What We Didn’t Like : We’d love to see just a hair less quirkiness in Damian Lewis.
Tune In If You Like : House
Grade : A

Success Factor : As much as it pains us “Life” is probably the “Kidnapped” of this year. A fantastic show that won’t go gangbusters in the ratings and will be doomed to online or Sunday late night viewing only. The wild card in this is the “Bionic Woman.” The buzz for “Bionic” is VERY strong and if it opens bigger than expected it could provide enough of a boost to “Life” to keep it around and let viewers find the series.
Show: Private Practice
Network : ABC
What We Liked : Addison. How can you not like her?
What We Didn’t Like : The casting choices and overall tone of the series. We were expecting "Grey's: LA" and somehow got "Private McBeal"
Tune In If You Like : Grey’s Anatomy
Grade : C-
Success Factor : Odds on favorite for this years “Studio 60” no way this series can fail award. We’ve got a lot more to say on this so check out our rant section tomorrow.

Show: Pushing Daisies
Network : ABC
What We Liked : Feels like nothing else on TV.
What We Didn’t Like : Has the potential to  be too quirky. Pee Wee Herman coming on board feels like adding sugar to sweet tea.
Tune In If You Like : Tim Burton movies.
Grade : A
Success Factor : Visually the best looking pilot by a long shot. Perfectly cast and scripted. Simply put in our opinion there is nothing wrong with the show. It will be a pleasure to tune in every week to watch. HOWEVER, will fans grow tired of the Ned And Chuck not being able to touch? Is the show too quirky for TV? How high are the ratings expectations of the network suits at ABC? Our guess is the numbers need to come in close to Ugly Betty’s numbers. Maybe just a “touch” less to keep the network happy. The good news bad news is – there is basically no competition in the hour so on one hand it should help draw viewers but on the other hand if the numbers don’t pop right out of the gate it could spell doom. Certainly not helping matters is the beating “Private Practice” has been taking from the press. As we mentioned with "Dirty Sexy Money" if “Practice” bombs it could bring down the whole Wednesday night ABC lineup.