Seat42f Tuesday Night New TV Primer

Cane PhotoSeat42f Breaks Down All The New Tuesday Shows

Understandably most of the questions we have received from our readers recently revolve around the upcoming Fall Season. Questions about new shows have dominated our email inbox so we thought we would give you a quick overview of each new show premiering this season. You won’t find any fancy pictures or videos just a quick seat42f take, a grade and what we predict the chances are for the series. We’ll also toss in a “Tune In If You Like” category to give you an idea of what other show or movie it would fit with. We will update the list each day this week.
New This Fall On Tuesdays 
Show : Cane
Network : CBS
What We Liked : After the initial character and story setup the payoff comes when we learn how far Jimmy Smits is willing to go to protect his family.
What We Didn’t Like : Ken Howard as the head of the rival family. Couldn’t stop thinking “that’s Jordan’s Dad” from ‘Crossing Jordan’
Tune In If You Like : Dallas, The Sopranos
Grade : B
Success Factor : Will this be the series that can finally capture an audience in the 10:00PM time slot on Tuesdays? "NCIS and The Unit should provide a steady lead in for “Cane” so it will be up to the series to keep those viewers interested. Much like last year at this time with “Smith” it will all depend on where the series heads creatively. “Smith” went off in a direction no one wanted or expected and the ratings dropped each week when viewers realized it wasn’t the series they thought it was going to be after the fantastic pilot. If “Cane” stays more “Dallas” then “Sopranos” it’s days will be limited. If “Cane” can build on the momentum that starts in the last five minutes of the pilot then viewers should find the show.

Show : Carpoolers
Network : ABC
What We Liked : The guys are funny and likable and TJ Miller is hilarious as Marmaduke.
What We Didn’t Like :  The Carpool scenes. We get that’s what the show is built around but it just looks and feels like a gimmick to get the four funny guys together.
Tune In If You Like : Napoleon Dynamite ( Marmaduke )
Grade : C
Success Factor : As funny and endearing as the cast is this looks to be an early casualty of the fall season.

Show : Cavemen
Network : ABC
What We Liked : It’s funnier then people give it credit for. Solid cast and clever writing.
What We Didn’t Like : Do they have to be Cavemen? Seriously if they changed the word Cavemen to meatball and you watched with your eyes closed you would laugh.
Tune In If You Like : The Geico Commercials
Grade : C+
Success Factor : Out of the gate we think the numbers will be good due to the car crash lookee-loo mentality of most TV viewers. Will people stick around after the initial peek? Odds are completely against it but stranger things have happened in TV history. Who would have predicted that “Alf” would make it four seasons?

Show : Reaper
Network : CW
What We Liked : Fantastic cast and funny script and Ray Wise as the devil.
What We Didn’t Like : Can’t put our finger on it but as good as the first episode is it doesn’t feel like appointment TV. 
Tune In If You Like : Kevin Smith movies
Grade : B+
Success Factor : It will build on the “Beauty And The Geek” lead in and with all the buzz surrounding the show should settle in and draw good numbers for the CW.