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Seat42f Top 10 Dateable TV Gals


A friend asked me the other day with all the TV I watch which TV character would I most like to date? Sounded like a perfect little article for my first Q & A section on the new site and I decided instead of just one girl I’d pick ten. It didn’t take me long to sketch out a rough draft, but it took forever to whittle the list down to 10 gals. I dare you to try picking only 10 girls ( or guys ) from all the choices out there on network and cable TV. Shheeeesh, not easy. To help the process along I developed some rules to make things easier on myself.

The Rules :

1: They can’t be married on TV. Call me old fashioned.

2: They can’t be in High School on TV even if in the real world they are years past high school. AKA The Minka Kelly Adrianne Palicki rule.

3: No Workaholics

4: They can’t be robots – Sorry Summer Glau.

I put their names in a hat to stay away from a typical 1-10 ranking and I didn’t want to get in a debate with any readers, publicists or even the gals as to why so and so was 5 or 7 or 9. Drumroll please – In no particular order here are the top 10 TV gals I would want to date.

Anna Friel : Chuck On Pushing Daisies – Such an easy choice. Easy on the eyes, she bakes pies and is she so freaking quirky cute. I know she has that can’t touch love thing going with the Pie-Maker, but I say step aside Ned!!! The fact that I know in the real world she is a Brit makes this choice even easier.


Emily Deschanel: Dr. Temperance Brennan On Bones – Sure the will Brennan and Booth ever get together is always floating out there, but in my book she’s single as long as Seely can’t step up to the plate. In a word – adorable. In two words – geeky adorable. Plus, bones have never bothered me. Blood on the other hand is a different story.


Evangeline Lily : Kate On Lost – Sawyer? Jack? Who needs all the drama. I’d be willing to date her in LA or the island and in any period of time she might find herself. She’s a perfect match of girlie and what I like to call “just a girl.” No guy wants to date the girl who can only do girlie at the same time you want the “just a girl” to do girlie sometimes. Yeah, I know, that sounds like a contradiction, but as I like to say contradiction is Latin for man.


Olivia Wilde : 13 On House – Probably the only show on TV, other than Bones, where I felt like I had multiple characters to choose from. Had a crush on Olivia on The Black Donnelly’s and it appears it carried over to House. What about the other gals on House? Love Cuddy, but i’d feel like I was dating my best friends girl with her because Cuddy and House just belong to together. That’s not to say House would ever be my best friend, but there is something very unattractive about anyone who is attracted to someone as bitter and so self involved as Doctor House. Cameron? It would have been really tough to keep Cameron off the list if she hadn’t ditched the brunette hair. Ratings have fallen off with the blond look. Just saying.


Jenna Fischer : Pam Beesley On The Office – Jim who? Until that wedding ring is on her finger to me she is one of the most crush worthy characters on TV. Although I’d probably get her to move to New York City because her Scranton hair needs some work. Seriously, re-watch the episodes when Pam was in the Big Apple. Great hair! Not to mention she needs to go back to New York City because she soooooo caved on her art career. Plus it would make me feel good thinking of all the single women in the world I would be helping by putting Jim Halpert back on the market. I’m a giver. Seat42f the dating Philanthropist.


Jennifer Carpenter : Debra Morgan On Dexter – Maybe it’s the swearing like a sailor? or the badge or gun or all of the above? And truth be told maybe I am a little scared of her, but I do love me some Debra Morgan. She’s the female Al Swearengen. And who doesn’t love a girl who swigs OJ from the carton.


Sarah Shahi: Dani Reese On Life – Funny, I have never dated a girl who owned a gun, but there seems to be a pattern developing here. I suppose maybe it’s just that too many women on TV own guns. Dani is fragile and broken, but at the same time so independent and headstrong.


Sarah Wayne Callies : Dr. Sara Tancredi On Prison Break – The lengths she will go to for Michael and company make her even more dateable in my book. She’s got this great smile that we never get to see as well. Just the right amount of tall, loyal to a fault and that smile = sexy.


Robin Tunney : Teresa Lisbon on The MentalistLike Olivia Wilde there might be a slight case of crush carryover here because I have been a fan since her Empire Record days. On The Mentalist I love Teresa’s confidence and her willingness to always back her team speaks volumes. Again though this whole girls with a gun thing, go figure.


Cobie Smulders : Robin Scherbatsky On How I Met Your Mother – I know – first there was Ted and now Barney has the crush on her, but she isn’t going to end up with Ted and do we really think Barney is every going to be anything more then a Hugh Hefner in training. A lot like Kate on Lost Robin is “just a girl” most of the time, but when she goes girlie it works and there is always this feeling of insecurity that comes with her girlieness that I find attractive. Just realizing she shoots guns as well. Hmmmm.



The if they weren’t married list.


Connie Britton : Tami Taylor On Friday Night Lights – In the end as I said above I decided no married characters. Besides Coach and Tami make such a great couple who would want to break them up. FWIW easily in my top 10 if she was single.


Kelly Rutherford : Lily Van Der Woodsen On Gossip Girl – Since the CW decided not to send me the screeners I missed the first few episodes of season 2 and decided to just watch them all in a batch when the second season ends. So maybe she isn’t married? High maintenance for sure, but that “dateable” girl she once was is still in there somewhere. Think it would be fun to go looking for her.


Ginnifer Goodwin : Margene Heffman On Big Love – If Ginnifer wasn’t in a marriage with 3 other people she would be at the tippy top of my dateable list. Swoon. Just LOVE her. if there is a girl on the planet more heavenly I’ve yet to meet or see her. Been a fan ever since her Ed Days. Sniff, sniff now I am missing Ed. Can you PLEASE release Ed on DVD already!


The if they weren’t workaholics list.

Rose Byrne : Ellen Parsons On Damages – Simply gorgeous. Although WAY to career driven and getting a little too much like Patty Hewes for my liking. Plus, yes I’ll admit it. She needs to mix in a sandwich or two. Getting a bit thin.


Tina Fey : Liz Lemon On 30 Rock – Seriously, is she ever home? LOVE her to death, but it would be like dating a ghost. Liz is the girl every guy says they want to date yet she is alone.


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