Seat42f Thursday Night New TV Primer

Big Shots PhotoSeat42f Breaks Down All The New Thursday Shows

Understandably most of the questions we have received from our readers recently revolve around the upcoming Fall Season. Questions about new shows have dominated our email inbox so we thought we would give you a quick overview of each new show premiering this season. You won’t find any fancy pictures or videos just a quick seat42f take, a grade and what we predict the chances are for the series. We’ll also toss in a “Tune In If You Like” category to give you an idea of what other show or movie it would fit with. We will update the list each day this week.
New This Fall On Thursdays

Show: Big Shots
Network : ABC
What We Liked : The groundwork that has been laid for better future episodes.
What We Didn’t Like : There is almost no chemistry between the leads.
Tune In If You Like : Sex And The City, Entourage
Grade : C

Success Factor : You can’t ask for much more than the post Grey’s Anatomy timeslot. Will Big Shots deliver where other shows have failed? Can they retain enough viewers to please the network suits? Bringing on Rob Thomas to help behind the scenes certainly has to help. Viewers will initially stick around for the eye candy but will they stay for next weeks episode? Episodes 2-3 will determine the fate of the series. It needs to get a lot better and fast. As a viewer I need and want to know these guys are really friends and not just guys who belong to the same country club and share the same size checking accounts.