Seat42f Question And Answer Session

Sarah Connor Chronicles Latest Comic Con Buzz.

The Closer Cast Photo 
Question From: Mel – Atlanta, Georgia:  When does season 4 of The Closer start?

Seat42f:  Both The Closer and Saving Grace kick off their seasons on Monday, July 14th on TNT.
Question From: Michael – Chicago, Illinois:  Will we ever get to see the last season of The Shield?

Seat42f:  FX has FINALLY set a premiere date for the last season of The Shield. Season 7 is set to kick off on Tuesday, September 2nd. 

Question From: Molly – Vancouver, Canada:  Did NBC Cancel Medium? I don’t see it on the fall schedule.

Seat42f:  At first glance it sure seems like NBC tried to get rid of Medium, but rest assured it’s set for Sundays after Football concludes. Look for Medium to premiere sometime in 2009. 

Question From: Star – Barcelona, Spain:  Will Seat42f be at Comic Con this year and is there any early buzz on which shows might be there?

Seat42f:  The biggest buzz floating around is team Heroes is trying to get the go-ahead to screen the full season 3 premiere at Comic Con. That would be HUGE for getting the show back on the positive buzz wheel. Seat42f will be at Comic Con in full force with interviews, photos,videos,contests and live blogging of the top events. As far as the lineup it’s just now starting to come together. We do know Heroes, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lost, Fringe and Smallville will be there. Keep checking back for updates. 

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