Seat42f Q & A Weekly Question And Answer Session

Moonlight Photo Seat42f Breaks Down The Latest On Moonlight Season 2 In This Weeks Seat Q & A

Question From: Sally – Rochester, New York:  What’s going on with Men In Trees? It’s on the schedule then off the schedule?

Seat42f:  Good news on the MIT front. It will be back with all new episodes in a new time slot. Wednesdays at 10PM starting February 27th.  


Question From: Mellissa – Milwaukee, Wisconsin:  How come you never have clips of shows on ABC in your preview player?

Seat42f:  We don’t? ;)  Simple reason really. They don’t make them available to us.


Question From: Daren – Phoenix, Arizona: What’s the latest on Swingtown? CBS presented it at their upfronts and said it was going to be a midseason show but I can’t find it on their schedule. Did they cancel it already?

Seat42f: It’s not canceled. I’m told that once the strike ended CBS set plans in motion to shoot new episodes. Still have no idea on when Swingtown will premiere.  They did have two episodes finished prior to the strike.


Question From: Sheila – Chicago, Illinois: Got any scoop you can spill on season two of Jericho?

Seat42f: I can tell you that three episodes into season two there are two female stars from season one that have yet to make an appearance.


Question From: Maggie – Boston, Massachusetts:  What’s going on with Moonlight? No mention of a second season from CBS and today I heard they lost their showrunner.

Seat42f:  I’ll tackle the showrunner question first. Chip Johannessen has left the series. His void for the next four episodes will be filled by Joel Silver and the writing staff. It appears they are not going to hire a new showrunner until they hear about a second season. With regards to the second season. We got this from CBS…

“Thank you for watching Moonlight and for your incredible support of the series. We are excited that the series will be coming back in April with four new, original episodes. Like any new television series, a decision to renew for next season is largely based on how many viewers watch the program.  We encourage you to tell your friends about the upcoming episodes and work with us to find more viewers for Moonlight.”

Bottom line Moonlight fans. The show needs more viewers to get a second season. Tell EVERYONE you know to tune into the April episodes. Start the grassroots save Moonlight campaigns NOW.


Question From: Steve – Portland, Oregon:  Any scoop on Lost?

Seat42f: An original 815’er dies before the midseason break. Two guys and one female are on the shortlist.


Question From: Saul – San Diego, California:  Did NBC really cancel Las Vegas?

Seat42f: That's the word we are hearing that the series was not picked up for a 6th season. We thought it would be a perfect fit with Knight Rider ( which given the ratings we assume NBC will pickup to series). But hey didn't they cancel the Apprentice? We're not willing to give up on Las Vegas just yet. While the show was costly to produce how many shows on any network can say they attract over 8M viewers on a regular basis – even in a cruddy Friday night timeslot. The days of network lineups being filled with 10M viewer plus shows are long gone. 

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