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Lost Jack Photo Lost Season 5 Starts WHEN!!! and the latest on Moonlight Season 2.

Question From: Becka – Miami, Florida:  Any news on Season 2 of "Moonlight"?

Seat42f:  No news is good news, right? CBS released their summer schedule and Moonlight is not set to rerun over the summer. CBS President Nina Tassler was just asked if  a show with passionate fans a la Jericho, but with low ratings could suffer the same fate as Jericho. Tassler responded by saying, " One thing 'Moonlight' has going for it is it wins its time period. Unlike 'Jericho,' 'Moonlight' is not serialized. Moonlight was a presentation (rather than a pilot). By the time the strike hit, we were still making certain discoveries and exploring new ideas and the shows mythology."

Sounds positive to me. 
Question From: Frank – Cleveland, Ohio:  Did CBS get rid of "Cane"?

Seat42f:  Not yet. But when CBS President Nina Tassler was asked if "Cane" would be coming back she said, " With 'Cane,' it's a real long shot. "

Question From: Fiona – Seattle, Washington: Judging by the ratings I feel like I may be the only person who watched "Carpoolers". Any chance of a second season?

Seat42f: Sorry to say, nope. I found it funny and didn't miss an episode. Two of the stars are already on board other projects. Tim Peper ( Dougie) has signed on for CBS's "My Best Friends Gal" and Jerry O'Connell ( Laird ) was just added to the cast of the FOX series "The Inn".

Question From: Stella – Chicago, Illinois: Only a few more episodes of "Lost" in season 4. When will we next see our Losties?

Seat42f: Earmuffs if you don't know this already and don't want to know how long the hiatus will be. "Lost" will be midseason next year ( 2009 ), and in its final season (2010) as well.

Question From: Rachel– Toronto, Canada: I LOVED "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"!!!! Will it be back on FOX next season?

Seat42f: All signs point to YES. The series has begun staffing for season 2.

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