Seat42f Monday Night New TV Primer

JourneymanSeat42f Breaks Down All The New Monday Shows

Understandably most of the questions we have received from our readers recently revolve around the upcoming Fall Season. Questions about new shows have dominated our email inbox so we thought we would give you a quick overview of each new show premiering this season. You won’t find any fancy pictures or videos just a quick seat42f take, a grade and what we predict the chances are for the series. We’ll also toss in a “Tune In If You Like” category to give you an idea of what other show or movie it would fit with. We will update the list each day this week.
New This Fall On Mondays 
Show : Aliens In America
Network : CW
What We Liked : It’s truly funny. Great cast and easy to root for outcast kids.
What We Didn’t Like : Still think it needs to be paired up with Reaper and not the other Monday night comedies.
Tune In If You Like : Malcolm In The Middle, Freaks And Geeks
Grade : B-
Success Factor : Barring terrible numbers should do just fine for a full season run. Doesn’t hurt that critics love the series. At some point this year or next pairing it with Reaper will benefit both series.   
Show : The Big Bang Theory
Network : CBS
What We Liked : Hilarious cast with great comedic timing. It's well written and easy to laugh at and although over the top at times feels real in its best moments.
What We Didn’t Like :  The fear that they will rely on the nerd factor too much.
Tune In If You Like : Weird Science
Grade : B
Success Factor : Much like The Class, from this past season, it’s very important for the show to keep its eye on the right characters. It took The Class far too long last season to realize that there were stories outside of the the driving Josh Ritter will he fall for the girl storyline. The funniest aspect of the pilot is the friends, especially Simon Helberg, so hopefully they are a big part of the story and future episodes. 
Show : Chuck
Network : NBC
What We Liked : Perfect casting choices and a fun setup with the potential for darker storylines surfacing throughout the first few episodes.
What We Didn’t Like : Not sure week in and week out it can live up to the big action feel of the pilot.
Tune In If You Like : Alias,Ed
Grade : A-
Success Factor : Seems like a perfect front bookend to Heroes but will enough viewers put Chuck on their watch list? The series walks the tightrope between dark spy thriller and goofy comedy so will fans of either be upset that the show doesn’t just choose one path over the other? Dancing With The Stars will win the hour but we expect Chuck to keep pace with the CBS comedies. More than likely Chuck needs to finish second in the hour just ahead of CBS for the suits at NBC to consider the show a success.  
Show : Journeyman
Network : NBC
What We Liked : One of the top pilots we watched. Perfect blend of sci-fi and love story.
What We Didn’t Like : Not enough answers in the pilot. Yeah, we know that is part of the “fun” but just because Dan doesn’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we can’t have a few before he does.
Tune In If You Like : Quantum Leap, Twilight Zone
Grade : B+
Success Factor : Much like Chuck, on paper Journeyman seems like a nice bookend for Heroes. The million dollar question is will fans of Heroes stick around? They didn't for Studio 60 or The Black Donelly's but neither of those shows were a good fit. Also of note is whether or not NBC can pull viewers from Dancing With The Stars who tune in for the love triangle aspect of Journeyman. If the second episode is as good as or better than the first we like the chances of Journeyman this fall. 

Show : K-Ville
Network : FOX
What We Liked : Buddy cop relationship feels genuine and shooting on location in New Orleans helps break up the been there done that drama feel.
What We Didn’t Like : Lack of any feminine touch in the first episode. Does the world need another by the numbers testosterone driven cop series?
Tune In If You Like : Starksy And Hutch
Grade : C+
Success Factor : Needs to improve or at least maintain the Prison Break numbers to be considered a success. All important episode tonight versus new competition from other networks will give us a better idea of where the series is headed. Vanished opened up with the same numbers last year only to lose them in chunks as the weeks wore on. 

Show : Samantha Who?
Network : ABC
What We Liked : They’ve setup a nice story to follow and some funny moments do play out in the first episode. Applegate shines as Samantha.
What We Didn’t Like : How long can the amnesia play out? We were hoping there would be more hurdles as Samantha deals with her amnesia. For us something else is needed in addition to the “I can’t remember this terrible person I use to be.”  
Tune In If You Like :
Grade : B-
Success Factor : ABC in recent years has had no success with comedies so it won’t be a big surprise if Samantha Who? fails to catch on. With that said the show will draw viewers because it has Dancing With The Stars as its lead in and the cast and creative team have a concept and character that can be made into a series people will watch.