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Seat42f Live Blogging The ABC Upfront Presentation

Seat42f Live Blogging The ABC Upfront Presentation



  • The room is filling up. Lots of people in suits and ties. Please take your seats. Time to begin.
  • Montage playing of all the ABC shows.
  • Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney Media Networks and President, Disney-ABC Television Group is doing the opening pitch. Talking about how they are doing a different type of upfront this year.
  • Talking about online media and how viewers are willing to put up with advertising to get free content. ( not me!! )
  • ABC daytime is on track to be # 1 for the 11th year in a row.
  • Disney Channel launches Camp Rock on June 20th featuring the Jonas Brothers
  • Jimmy Kimmel clips with the Damon and Affleck videos.
  • Jimmy Kimmel takes the stage and it's joke time " Is the WGA after party? or the SAG pre party" NBC calling it infronts because they are just infront of the CW" " I hear Scrubs is coming to ABC. It's always a good idea to borrow shows from the last place network."  " Here at ABC we are excited for both of our new shows"
  • Mike Shaw, President Sales And Marketing takes the stage. Dropping some statistics. Viewers watch 32 hours of tv per week ( I knew I wasn't average). HDTV is growing, almost 25% of homes are HD. Talking about my favorite topic ( Nielsen Ratings). DVR's are in 23% of homes. Top 10% of DVR users are watching 56 hours per week.
  • Big montage of ABC show clips. ( small clip of Lost I had not seen before 🙂 )
  • Steve McPherson, President, ABC Entertainment takes the stage.
  • Rolling out the new fall ABC lineup. Boston Legal's last season.
  • Showing a clip of the new Ashton Kutcher show Opportunity Knocks. Game show in your home. ( Host looks like he is 12 years old)
  • Talking about Eli Stone now on Tuesdays at 10PM.
  • Lucy Liu joining the cast of Dirty Sexy Money on Wednesday nights.
  • Clip from Life On Mars. Steve McPherson has been trying to get it at ABC for 3 years. Count me in. Looks great and got to love the 70s tunes in the clip.
  • Lost returning in Jan. 2009
  • Ordered 20 pilots and 17 are still in production.
  • Teasrer clips from Fourplay, The Goode Family and In The Motherhood.
  • Clips from Summer shows Wipeout, The Mole, Bachelorette, High School Musical and I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Wipeout looks good for a few laughs.
  • ooooh, Lost sneak peek 🙂
  • WOW. About a 5 minute clip from the finale… sooooooo good
  • the end


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