Seat42F Holiday Gift Guide 2023

As the close of 2023 approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on the year and to think about the family, friends, and co-workers who we are grateful to have in our lives. While it can be challenging to find a way to express that sentiment with a gift, Seat42F is here to make gift-giving this holiday as easy as possible.

That’s why at Seat42F each year, we put together our annual holiday gift guide list that’s chock-full of gift suggestions. See below for some of our favorite picks.


Atwell Decanter | Crate & Barrel

Sparkling glass ribs texture our Atwell decanter, reflecting light while providing a sturdy grip. The ridged base gives way to its smooth upper half, which is topped with a faceted glass stopper. A clean and classic addition to your bar cart or liquor cabinet, the vessel serves and showcases your favorite spirits. The decanter is part of our Atwell cocktail collection, a Crate and Barrel exclusive.. Price: ~$45  Buy From Crate & Barrel

Woodford Reserve Holiday Bottle

Woodford Reserve Limited Edition Holiday Bottle (SRP: $50/1 liter)

Woodford Reserve is built around flavor. The art of making fine bourbon first took place on the site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, in 1812. The perfectly balanced taste of our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is composed of more than 200 detectable flavor notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 45.2% ABV and is created at the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, KY.

Woodford Reserve debuts its annual holiday bourbon bottle. The bottle with white raised texture evoking snow, features smooth glossy gold foil that compliments the rich color of the bourbon. BUY: HERE


3 Days Of The Condor 4K | Kino Lorber

In this classic conspiracy thriller, screen icon Robert Redford (Tell Them Willie Boy Is HereThe StingAll the President’s MenIndecent Proposal) stars as CIA Agent Joe Turner. Code name: Condor. When his entire office is massacred, Turner goes on the run from his enemies…and his so-called allies. After reporting the murders to his superiors, the organization wants to bring Condor in—but somebody is trying to take him out. In his frantic hunt for answers, and in a desperate race for his life, Turner abducts photographer Kathy Hale (Faye Dunaway, The Thomas Crown AffairEyes of Laura Mars), eventually seducing her into helping him. Every twist leads Condor to the end of his nerves…and will take you to the edge of your seat. And as he zeroes in on the staggering truth, he discovers there are some secrets people would kill to keep. Masterfully directed by Sydney Pollack (Jeremiah JohnsonTootsieOut of AfricaHavana) and also starring Cliff Robertson (Charly), John Houseman (The Paper Chase) and the icy Max von Sydow (Needful Things), 3 Days of the Condor endures as one of Hollywood’s finest tales of political paranoia. BUY HERE

Amante 1530

Amante 1530 (SRP: $34.99; 15% ABV) 

Amante 1530 is a new Italian Amaro aperitivo produced in Rome, Italy. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves a great love and a great cocktail, this innovative twist on a classic Italian Amaro is ideal in both cocktails or sipping straight. A modern aperitivo that started as an idea among friends, the product was produced by famed oenologist, Riccardo Cotarella, a renowned pioneer of the Italian wine industry, and later bottled at the Pallini Distillery, one of Rome’s oldest and most important distilleries. 

With aromas of candied orange, oolong tea, ginger, honeysuckle and baked apples, Amante 1530 possesses an underlying sweetness that is well balanced by a pleasing vegetal bitterness. With less sugar and a more subtle bitter finish than other aperitivos, Amante 1530 offers the perfect amount of sweetness —  making it ideal for enjoying in cocktails or sipping straight. Buy: HERE

Apple Homepod mini

Apple HomePod Mini

Jam-packed with innovation, HomePod mini delivers unexpectedly big sound for a speaker of its size. At just 3.3 inches tall, it takes up almost no space but fills the entire room with rich 360‑degree audio that sounds amazing from every angle.. Price: ~$99

Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva
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2019 Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, Tuscany  (SRP: $21.99)

Banfi, producer and importer of fine wines, was founded in 1919 and is today woman-owned and operated by third generation family proprietor Cristina Mariani-May. Banfi is the sole U.S. importer of the Mariani family’s internationally renowned wine estates in Italy: Castello Banfi of Montalcino, Tuscany, and Banfi Piemonte of Strevi, Piedmont. For this wine, fermentation with a medium period of maceration is followed by at least 2 years of aging, of which a minimum of 12 months is in Slavonian oak barrels. The wine concludes its evolution with at least 6 months of bottle aging. On the nose, rich with notes of cherries, plums, and iris. On the palate, deep cherry and leather flavors with subtle wood notes. Supple tannins, good acidity, and a lingering finish. Perfect with flavorful roasts, pastas, and cheeses. BUY VIA SHOPIFY HERE


Thunderbolt And Lightfoot 4K | Kino Lorber

From Michael Cimino, the legendary director of The Deer HunterHeaven’s Gate and Year of the Dragon, comes this bold, witty and tough crime-thriller starring screen icons Clint Eastwood (A Fistful of Dollars) and Jeff Bridges (Winter Kills) as a pair of modern-day outlaws. Thunderbolt (Eastwood) is a former thief whose razor-sharp wits and steely nerves made him a master of his profession, but he’s about to re-enter the criminal world with a new partner: Lightfoot (Bridges), a brash young drifter whose energy and exuberance give the veteran a new outlook on life. Their target: the seemingly impenetrable Montana Armored Depository. After forming an uneasy alliance with Thunderbolt’s former partners in crime, Red Leary (George Kennedy, Cool Hand Luke) and Eddie Goody (Geoffrey Lewis, High Plains Drifter), they launch an amazing scheme that will test the limits of their endurance, and the power of their friendship. Fueled by explosive action, fascinating characters and a powerfully moving climax, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is an adventure of the highest caliber and the directorial debut for Cimino, who also wrote the original screenplay. Wonderfully shot in Scope by Frank Stanley (The Eiger Sanction) and featuring a wonderful supporting cast that includes Catherine Bach (The Midnight Man), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), Jack Dodson (The Getaway), Burton Gilliam (Gator), Roy Jenson (Framed), Bill McKinney (Deliverance), Vic Tayback (Bullitt), Dub Taylor (Junior Bonner) and Gregory Walcott (Prime Cut). BUY HERE

Double Dale's IPA Can
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Dale’s Double IPA (9.0% ABV)

First released in 2022, Dale’s Double IPA is a well-balanced Imperial IPA. The first sip is crisp with biscuit and a very light honeysuckle character that imparts a unique complexity on a simple backdrop. Buy: HERE

Helix Cone

Helix Cone($60)

A chic update to Vessel’s patent-pending Helix one-hitter, this series is designed to deliver performance and style in a never-before-seen form. Like the original, the interior spiral is shaped like a double helix that doubles the length of the smoke path and filters as residue builds up to result in a smooth, cool pull every time. Helix Cone is available in colors including Rose Gold, Maritime, Onyx and GunmetalBuy: HERE


Warm White Flameless 3″x6″ Wax Pillar Candle / Crate & Barrel

Made of real wax, our flameless candle fools the eye with lifelike flickering and the warm glow of a lit flame. The white pillar candle is safe and mess-free, providing atmosphere and gentle illumination on the dining room table, next to the bathtub or anywhere a burning candle would be impractical. Use the remote control (sold separately) to turn the pillar on, or set the timer for five automatic hours of delightful, worry-free candlelight every evening.

Flameless 3″x6″ Wax Pillar Candle. 3″Wx3″Dx6″H


De Soi Sprakling Drink

De Soi (SRP: $25/bottle; $25/4 Pack of Cans)

We put the fun in functional. Inspired by the French ethos of pleasure and restraint, De Soi (de-swa) is a range of non-alcoholic aperitifs made with natural adaptogens. Co-founders Katy Perry and award-winning Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan (AMASS) teamed up to make a more considered choice for happy hour and as a way to find pleasure without the proof. 

  • Golden Hour: Golden Hour is made with lemon balm and L-theanine derived from green tea, botanicals known to enhance focus and promote relaxation. Bright and bracing, each sunny sip has notes of warm citrus, lemongrass, and leafy herbs. It’s the bite you crave, but full of zest.
  • Champignon Dreams: Champignon Dreams is made with a dreamy duo of reishi mushroom and passion flower to ease you into the evening. Juicy and balanced, this apéritif has notes of sticky summer strawberries, bitter grapefruit, and earth for a good time in a glass.
  • Purple Lune: Purple Lune is made with a mind-mellowing mix of ashwagandha and tart cherry, botanicals that fight fatigue and bring your body into balance. Rich and delicate, the sticky sweetness of peaches and dates layers with the soft touch of rose petals, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper.
  • Très Rosé: Très Rosé is a bold and balanced sip bursting with notes of tart raspberry and soft, earthy rooibos. Crisp and refreshing, Très Rosé is created with adaptogens, such as lion’s mane and saffron, that support a mood-boosting buzz without the booze. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE & Amazon
The Train 4k Cover

The Train 4K / Kino Lorber

From John Frankenheimer, the acclaimed director of The Manchurian CandidateSeven Days in MaySecondsGrand Prix and Black Sunday, comes this action-packed WWII masterpiece starring screen legend Burt Lancaster (Run Silent Run DeepElmer GantryThe Professionals). Paris, August 1944…with the Allied army closing in on German commander and art fanatic Colonel Franz Von Waldheim (Paul Scofield, A Man for All Seasons), he decides to steal a vast collection of rare French paintings and loads them onto a train bound for Berlin. But when a beloved French patriot is murdered while trying to sabotage Von Waldheim’s scheme, Labiche (Lancaster), a stalwart member of the Resistance, vows to stop the train at any cost. Calling upon his vast arsenal of skills, Labiche unleashes a torrent of devastation and destruction—loosened rails, shattered tracks and head-on collisions—in an impassioned, suspense-filled quest for justice, retribution and revenge. Featuring a top-notch score by Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago) and a wonderful supporting performance by screen icon Jeanne Moreau (Viva Maria!), The Train was the fourth of five collaborations between filmmaker Frankenheimer and star Lancaster. BUY HERE

Dassai Blue Type 50

Dassai Blue Type 50 (SRP: $28.99) (720ml; 14% ABV) 

The name Dassai Blue is derived from the Japanese proverb translated as, “Although blue dye comes from the indigo plant, it is bluer than indigo.” Dassai Blue marks a significant milestone for the Dassai brand: bringing production outside of Japan and for the first time in their history. Following the same dedication towards quality found within the brewery in Japan, Dassai Blue is made at their state-of-the-art brewery in Hyde Park, NY, exclusively made using the highest quality rice, Yamada Nishiki. Polished to the most prestigious category, Junmai Daiginjo, the sake is brewed using “craft sake” methods—making sake batch by batch, koji by hand, and the yeast starter in small tanks. Tasting Notes: Refreshing aroma and elegant umami. Light finish. Purchase: HERE

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Donnafugata Sedàra – Sicilia DOC Rosso – SRP $19.50

  • STYLE & BLEND: Red; Nero d’Avola, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and others
  • STORY: Dedicated to the irresistible and ambitious Angelica Sedàra with green eyes, the fashinatig Claudia Cardinale, protagonist of the film “Il Gattopardo” (The Leopard) directed by Luchino Visconti. The label, also in the new version, refers to the Contessa Entellina winery.
  • TASTING NOTES: Ruby red in color, Sedàra offers a fruity bouquet with scents of blackberries and blueberries combined with a light spicy note of black pepper. The palate displays good structure with suave tannins and pleasant freshness. A soft red, versatile for food pairing, perfect for every day.
  • FOOD PAIRINGS: Serve with Lasagne, chicken cacciatore, BBQ, seared tuna, savory pies. Serve it in goblets of medium size; uncorked at the time of serving; excellent at 16-18°C (61-64°F).
  • SCORES: 90 points James Suckling (2020 vintage) BUY HERE
Harrys Save Travel Kit

Shave Travel Kit / Harry’s $30

  • Crafted from durable, tear-resistant fabric
  • Packed with all your shaving essentials, in TSA-friendly sizes:
    • Two-tone Truman handle with ergonomic, no-slip grip and weighted core
    • Travel-size Shave Gel for a rich lather
    • Travel cover to protect your blades


Dulce Vide Lime Tequila
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Dulce Vida Tequila

Dulce Vida is tequila, pure and simple. With a core range of tequilas made with 100% Blue Weber agave and USDA-certified organic, the premium spirits brand was founded in Austin, Texas in 2009 and is produced in Jalisco, Mexico in the village of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario (NOM 1443). Sustainability and attention to detail are inherent at every step, from harvest through distillation and aging. Buy: HERE

Dulce Vida – Infusions ($25.99 SRP, 35% ABV)

Made with real fruit, Dulce Vida infusions are handcrafted from 100% blue agave, then infused and uniquely blended. Enjoy as a shot, on the rocks or simply add sparkling water. Flavors include:

  • Real Pineapple Jalapeño Tequila
  • Real Lime Tequila
  • Real Grapefruit Tequila
The Manchurian Candidate 4K

The Manchurian Candidate 4K / Kino Lorber

Shocking, daring, thrilling and mesmerizing, The Manchurian Candidate is a mindblower! Directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer (Seven Days in MayThe TrainSecondsRonin) and featuring an all-star cast, including Angela Lansbury (The Mirror Crack’d) in an Oscar-nominated performance (Best Supporting Actress, 1962), this eerily prescient masterpiece “may be the most sophisticated political satire ever made” (Pauline Kael). When a platoon of Korean War G.I.s is captured, they somehow end up at a ladies’ garden club party. Or do they? Major Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra, Von Ryan’s Express) can’t remember. As he searches for the answer, he discovers threads of a diabolical plot orchestrated by the utterly ruthless Mrs. Iselin (Lansbury) and involving her war-hero son (Laurence Harvey, A Dandy in Aspic), her senator husband (James Gregory, The Silencers) and a secret cabal of enemy leaders. Janet Leigh (Touch of Evil) and Henry Silva (Code of Silence) also play pivotal parts in “one of the best and brightest of modern American films” (Roger Ebert). BUY HERE

Empress 1808 Elderflower Rose Gin
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Empress 1808 Elderflower Rose Gin (SRP: $39.99, 42.5% ABV) 

From the makers of the #1 selling premium, Empress 1908 Indigo Gin, Empress Elderflower Rose Gin is a unique, handcrafted gin distilled with nine unique botanicals including juniper berries, rose petals, elderflower, orange peel and black carrot. Inspired by the beautiful location in Victoria, British Columbia, Empress Elderflower Rose Gin pays homage to ‘The City of Gardens,’ where flowers blossom nearly year-round. The fresh, floral botanicals create a delicate spirit with a distinctive all-natural rose hue, resulting in beautiful cocktail creations. Buy: HERE

Holiday Snowman Bowl

Holiday Snowman Bowl / Lenox

The perfect bowl with gum drops, candy canes and cookies! Display this bowl on your counter for an instant holiday vibe and fill it with all sorts of sweet treats. BUY HERE

Fishers Island Lemonade

Fishers Island Lemonade Variety Pack ($26.99)

The ultimate summertime Fishers Variety 8-pack includes three of the brand’s award-winning flavors: 4 cans of Fishers Island Lemonade Original (9% abv), 2 cans of Fishers Spiked Tea (7% abv) and 2 cans of Fishers Pink Flamingo (7% abv). Buy: HERE

Halter Ranch Wine

Halter Ranch 2020 Ancestor (SRP: $85)

Set along the westernmost boundaries of Paso Robles, California, surrounded by the wild, and wide-open Santa Lucia Mountain Range of the Central Coast, Halter Ranch is a 2,700-acre organic nature estate dedicated to land, art, and legendary terroir-driven wine made with the finest organic grapes. The emphasis on quality in the vineyard is complemented by a commitment to environmentally responsible grape-growing practices.

The Ancestor is the flagship red and the best example of what the terroir of the ranch has to offer. A blend of 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Petit Verdot, 20% Malbec, this is a big, rich wine full of warmth. With aromas of blueberries, cassis, raspberry, and a touch of mocha from the new French oak, the entry is soft, rich, and mouth-coating with flavors of red currant and olallieberry. The juicy midpalate segues into a structured finish with integrated tannins complemented by flavors of the French oak. Pair with roasted meats, reduction sauces, Osso Bucco, and dark chocolate.  (14.8% ABV) Buy: HERE

The Twilight Saga 4K

The Twilight Saga 15th Anniversary 4K / Lionsgate

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first Twilight film and experience Bella and Edward’s epic love story, the dangerous feud between vampires and werewolves, and more unforgettable moments in the entire 5-film collection of Twilight: The Complete Saga. This special anniversary collection comes with four art cards and seven pieces of interchangeable cover art. Includes Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, and over twelve hours of special features. BUY HERE

Horton Ready To Drink Cocktails

Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails ($43.99 per 12-pack // ABV: 7%) 

A line of perfectly-crafted coconut-rum based canned cocktails from influential content creator Krista Horton, designed to allow you to have more fun! Made with real distilled rum from Florida Caribbean Distillers (FCD) – the largest rum producer in the continental U.S. – and coconut, the bright line includes Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda and Lime Soda to amp up any party. Hortum Ready-to-Drink Cocktails are available. BUY: HERE

Kraken Spiced Rum


A gold spiced Caribbean rum, rich beyond words – and perhaps the only bit of lightness the legendary beast, known as “the Kraken,” loves with as much passion as its storied black ink. On the nose, The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum reveals a sweet brown medley of caramel, oak, and banana bread. Flavors of molasses and dark spice fade into caramelized sugar, with a slight finish of toasted oak and vanilla.The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum is 35% ABV and sold nationwide at a $21.99 MSRP per 750ml. It is also available in 1L and 1.75L bottles. Buy: HERE

  • Aroma: Sweet brown medley of caramel, oak, and banana bread. Rich vanilla with light cinnamon backtone.
  • Flavor: Molasses and dark spice fading into caramelized sugar. Slight finish of toasted oak and vanilla
Proper No Twelve Irish Apple

Proper No. Twelve Irish Apple  ($24.99)

This 70 proof liquid gold stands up to the royal competition, packing a sweet yet tart apple punch. It blends award-winning Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey with notes of crisp and juicy Irish apple, and a honey sweetness, that offers a sweet cider aroma and smooth to the core finish.  Buy: Drizly

Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay

Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast 2022 Chardonnay ($25, 13.9%)

Sonoma-Cutrer has been crafting wines since 1981 in the esteemed Russian River Valley growing region of Sonoma County, California. Today, their female-led winemaking team produces sustainable certified wines. This vintage of the Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is a rich, medium straw color with aromas of stone fruit, oak spice and hints of clove and caramel, toasted nuts, and light honeydew. With creamy richness, the wine boasts flavors of ripe pear and Golden Delicious apple. This wine is a classic, elegantly structured Chardonnay with lots of finesse and focused balance from start to finish. It features Sonoma-Cutrer’s signature bright acidity with nice length and a soft mid-palate that rounds out to a pleasant, long finish of lingering barrel spice. Buy: HERE


Sunshine Punch (SRP: $29.99 for 750mL bottle) 18% ABV

Sunshine Punch is a ready-to-serve cocktail made from orange, creme, rum and vodka. This nostalgically fresh beverage brightens up any gathering with its summer-ready, matte orange bottle design and smooth, citrus taste. Sessionable and shareable, the sun never sets on summer with Sunshine Punch. Sunshine Punch has a pleasant orange aroma up front that transitions into the perfect blend of orange and vanilla on the tongue, ending with a lingering cream finish that continues to develop with each sip. From beaches and pools to rooftops and campfires, Sunshine Punch is there wherever you find your sunshine. Buy: HERE