Seat42f Friday Night New TV Primer

Moonlight PhotoSeat42f Breaks Down All The New Friday Shows

Understandably most of the questions we have received from our readers recently revolve around the upcoming Fall Season. Questions about new shows have dominated our email inbox so we thought we would give you a quick overview of each new show premiering this season. You won’t find any fancy pictures or videos just a quick seat42f take, a grade and what we predict the chances are for the series. We’ll also toss in a “Tune In If You Like” category to give you an idea of what other show or movie it would fit with. We will update the list each day this week.
New This Fall On Fridays
Show : Moonlight
Network : CBS
What We Liked : The feel good casting. Both  Alex and Sophia seem made to be on TV.
What We Didn’t Like : We were hoping it would be much darker.
Tune In If You Like : Angel, Charmed
Grade : C
Success Factor : With so many changes in the cast and people behind the scenes it’s tough to get a read on the future of 'Moonlight.' CBS bought an idea for a show and then shot a presentation of that idea and then proceeded to change everyone associated with the presentation except Alex O’Loughlin. The first episode feels rushed and like two visions of the series done by two different people, which it was. We would have preferred they didn’t cram so much into the first episode. They could have easily introduced us to Jason Dohring’s “Josef” next week as he serves little purpose in the episode.  We’re willing to give the show another look next week as it should be an episode done entirely by the current cast and crew. It’s much lighter tone and less dark in scope then we expected so that will either come as a pleasant surprise to viewers or be a letdown for the vampire/fantasy fans looking for an escape on Friday nights.

Show: Women’s Murder Club
Network : ABC
What We Liked :  A lot like ‘Life’ on NBC this show sort of snuck up on us how much we liked the setup and characters. Sure it’s a been there done that crime procedural but it works.
What We Didn’t Like : Jury is still out on adding Rob Estes to the series.
Tune In If You Like : CBS crime procedurals
Grade: B-
Success Factor : Seems like a perfect fit for Friday night TV but ABC has struggled with procedurals and Friday night TV in the past. We realize ABC is trying to spread out their lineup but Monday and Tuesday night 'Dancing With The Stars' lead in feels wasted on 'The Bachelor' and 'Boston Legal.' ‘Women's Murder Club’ would have been a nice fit either night, but at the same time we are glad to have something else to add to the Tivo list on Fridays. The series hasn’t reinvented the wheel but what has lately? In 2007 it’s much safer to find some solid characters and see where the story goes then to get caught up bellyaching about seeing another police procedural.