SDCC 2011 Exclusive Diamond Select Minimates

SDCC 2011: Exclusive Diamond Select Minimates

San Diego Comic-Con brings out the treats for collectors of all kinds, and this year is no exception! Diamond Select Toys joins the fray, showcasing two exclusive box sets for SDCC 2011!

Diamond Select’s first offering is the Thor “Stormbreaker” set! This limited edition pack commemorates the first meeting of Beta Ray Bill and his deep space run-in with Thor. Beta Ray Bill bests the God of Thunder, takes his mighty hammer Mjolnir, and gains the power of a God in route to becoming one of the universe’s greatest champions! The pack contains Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Sif and Loki, and will only be available at the Action Figure Xpress booth, #3345, at this year’s SDCC!

But that’s not all, as Diamond Select’s Future Foundation box set also debuts at SDCC! After the tragic loss of the Human Torch, the Fantastic Four has undergone some big changes, including the addition of their newest member: Spider-Man! With a new name, new outfits and a new teammate, the Future Foundation is ready to make an impression! And thanks to this exclusive box set, they finally can; Diamond Select’s FF Minimates are the first Future Foundation figures ever! This brilliant box set will debut at the Disney Store in the Fashion Valley Mall, located conveniently close to the convention at 7007 Friar Road in San Diego. After the convention, these figures will remain exclusive to the Disney Store chain and will ship out through them nation wide.

Source : Marvel