SCRUBS Now Streaming On Peacock

Starting today, all nine seasons of Scrubs are available to stream on Peacock. The bingeable series starring Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and more, takes place in the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, as John “J.D.” Dorian and his colleagues learn the ways of medicine, friendship and life. 

How to Watch Scrubs on Peacock 
The hit medical comedy Scrubs is streaming now on Peacock. 

One of the most beloved medical series ever made is now available to stream on Peacock. Originally premiering in 2001, Scrubs was a totally different, refreshing take on the hospital show. Instead of high-stakes drama and mystery illnesses, Scrubs was a comedy. It poked fun at the inherent ridiculousness of life as a medical intern.

For many episodes, the cases doctors saw were kept fairly simple, focusing on new doctors learning the ropes, getting over anxieties around treating patients, and forming relationships with one another. As a result, it wasn’t prone to the same inaccuracies that plagued more serious medical dramas. We’ve known a few real-life medical professionals who count Scrubs as one of their favorite series and the only hospital TV show they regularly watched. 

What is Scrubs about?  

If you’re asking this question, you’re in for a treat. Scrubs is a medical comedy that follows Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian and his colleagues as they enter the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital. You follow their journeys from their first day as interns to their tenures as full-fledged doctors.

Along the way, they navigate the world of medicine, friendships, and life. You see the world through J.D.’s eyes, and the show is filled with quick cutaway gags from J.D.’s overactive imagination. When it premiered, it was instantly one of the funniest shows on TV.  

That’s not to say there’s no drama. Hospital life is often rough. Sometimes patients don’t get better. Sometimes the stress is overwhelming. 

Scrubs doesn’t shy away from those moments. In fact, the comedy makes the dramatic moments hit even harder. You spend much of the series laughing with these characters and getting to know them. When the show takes a dramatic turn, you feel it with them. That great writing is supported by a top-notch, charming cast whose performances will have you screaming with laughter and sobbing in the same episode.  

Who is in the cast of Scrubs?  

Zach Braff plays J.D., the good natured, if a little spacey, medical intern who narrates most of the episodes.   

Sarah Chalke plays Elliot Reid, a fellow intern whose ambition sometimes gets her into trouble. She is a close friend and occasional love interest to J.D. throughout the series.   

Donald Faison plays Turk, a surgical intern and J.D.’s best friend. In fact, they are the very definition of friendship goals.   

Neil Flynn plays the intimidating, no-nonsense Janitor who antagonizes J.D. from day one.   

Ken Jenkins plays Dr. Kelso, the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart. He’s often seen as cold and two-faced, caring more about money than patients’ well-being, but as the series goes on, you see more of his warmer side.  

John C. McGinley plays Dr. Cox, J.D.’s mentor, whether he wants to be or not. He’s sarcastic, cynical and prone to the funniest rants in the series, but under all that, he deeply cares about his patients and the new doctors he supervises.  

Judy Reyes plays Carla Espinosa, the nurse who holds the entire hospital together. She is warm, protective of the new interns, doesn’t take any nonsense, and probably knows more than anyone else at Sacred Heart.  

How many seasons of Scrubs are there?  

There are nine total seasons of Scrubs. You can follow the entire journey from Season 1 to 9 on Peacock.  

Watch Scrubs on Peacock.