Screener Girl Tackles Fall TV

Screener Girl takes a quick look at all the fall shows and offers up her Tivo Top 10.
As the fall TV season gets ready to kick into overdrive next week I decided to go back through all of the pilots I screened so I could offer up my top 10 new shows for the fall. Drumroll please….  The  top 10 new shows that have been added to my season passes on Hal and Val ( my Tivo’s ) are as follows:
1: “Dirty Sexy Money” – Hello!!!!! Peter Krause. I’d watch him in anything. Plus the show is hilarious and they struck gold wih the cast. The second best pilot I watched this summer and the best of the fall season.
2: “Pushing Daisies” – Touted as a forensic fairy tale. This delicious new series offers enough eye, heart and visual candy to please any TV viewers appetite. Truly a must "see" new series.
3: “Reaper” – You had me at me at Ray Wise and upped the ante with Bret Harrison and Tyler Labine. Funny concept and great cast make for an easy addition to the season pass.
4: “Women’s Murder Club” – I love Friday night TV and the pilot really surprised me with how much I liked the setup and the cast. Since the pilot they have added Rob Estes which has never hurt this girls eyes.
5: “Gossip Girl” – Simply to fill the “OC” void in my heart and based on the first episode it’s replacing the greatness that was “The OC” in season one.  
6:  “Cashmere Mafia” – If they can get away from the “Sex And The City” sequences this could be a great show. Both heartfelt and silly just needs to find its own voice.
7:  “Chuck” – Funny, sexy and Adam Baldwin to boot.
8: “Journeyman” – Perfect fit after “Heroes.” How can you not want to watch Kevin McKidd in love with two women at the same time but in different years?
9: “Moonlight” – Although there wasn’t a pilot I’m going with a gut instinct on adding this one… aka Jason Dohring playing “Josef”.. meow…
10: “Life” – Big fan of “Band Of Brothers” and always enjoy Damien Lewis. Nice setup with a quirky character has me wanting to see more.
Chime in below in the comment section and let me know which shows you are adding to your season pass.