The Starter Wife

Debra Messing Starter Wife
At the end of USA’s original miniseries The Starter Wife, Debra Messing’s Molly Kagan had found happiness with her homeless beach bum, and everything was looking up for her.  As her character explains in the opening minutes of the new series (based on the 6 part mini and airing tonight on USA) things fell apart and we jump right back into Molly’s life.

Her ex-husband Kenny is putting all of their money into what is sure to be a terrible movie, and she’s very supportive of his efforts.  Molly’s best friends Joan and Rodney are still around, this time embroiled in their own escapades.  In the two hour premiere, Joan is tasked with getting an alcoholic celebrity to rehab and she fails on many occasions, at the same time, realizing what might be wrong with her marriage.  Rodney is designing for a super hot action movie star, and he has trouble separating his feelings from the job.

Molly is as breezy and likeable as ever, as she accidentally becomes The Hollywood Wife on a gossip website, after her personal journal is stolen and distributed to unknown amounts of people.  Debra Messing shines when she has so many emotions to convey – struggling with her diminishing bank account, her growing-up-too-fast daughter, her immature ex-husband, her new friendships (that may already be ruined), her old friends, and the new man she’s crushing on.

I sometimes think that the “dream sequence” segues that Molly and co go on are a little over the top, but I think that’ll shake out as the series continues. 

The Starter Wife was an easy-to-get-through 2 hours.  If you liked the miniseries, you’ll love the series.  At the same time, you didn’t need to see the miniseries to know what’s going on!  Easy to catch on to, and a nice light way to end the week!