Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of The Ex List

Ex List PhotoThis Could Be Must See Weekly Viewing For Me

Ex List Cast Photo

I was in the camp of disliking Ava/Rebecca on Grey’s Anatomy.  Didn’t like the character, didn’t like what Alex became around the character, just didn’t enjoy it.  So I was not sure, upon viewing CBS’ new show, The Ex List, starring Elizabeth Reaser (Ava herself), how I would feel.

As it turns out, and I may be in the minority here judging by other reviews I’ve seen and our own Seat42f’s opinion, I thought the show was adorable and I think Elizabeth Reaser shines.  The basic premise, copied from an Israeli half hour comedy, follows Bella Bloom (Reaser) as she learns at her sister’s bachelorette party that she has to be married within the year, or she will never have her chance.  To add insult to injury, Bella has already met her soul mate, and it’s one of the (what sounds like many) men she’s dated in the past.

The first episode features Eric “Freaking” Balfour (as I like to call him) as one of the men from Bella’s past (Johnny “Freaking” Diamont as she calls him, ironically).  I almost wish he was a part of the main cast because he cracks me up in this role.  It’s not pilot season without EFB, so it was nice to see him here. 

The rest of the cast is charming – Alexandra Breckenridge is Bella’s best girl friend Vivian (in my opinion, the storyline about her in the first episode is a case of way too much information).  Fresh off her role as a teacher interested in Rev Cam on 7th Heaven (so, definitely a step up), a now red-headed Rachel Boston plays Bella’s sister and I think she’s my favorite so far.  Bella’s best guy friends are played by Adam Rothenberg (Augie) and Amir Talai (Cyrus).  Bella’s most recent ex (Elliott) is played by the seriously wicked-hot Mark Deklin.  It might be too early to pick a soul mate, but my money’s on him.

The pilot has some laughs, and though I can’t seem to get over the odd way in which Reaser walks, I think that this could be must see weekly viewing for me!

The Series Premiere Of The Ex List Airs Tonight On CBS At 9:00PM EST