Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of The Cleaner

The CleanerIs The New A&E Series The Cleaner Worth A Look?

The Cleaner Cast Photo

Did you ever experience the phenomenon of not knowing you’ve missed something until you get the chance to see it again?  A&E must have wanted me to go through that very thing because by the end of the pilot screener they sent for their new show The Cleaner, I found myself saying “Man I’m so happy Benjamin Bratt is back on TV; I’ve missed him” and I never knew I felt that way.

The idea for The Cleaner comes from the true story of a real-life “extreme interventionalist.”  Bratt plays William Banks, a man who once struggled with severe additions himself, and who now works to help those struggling with the same demons.  He leads an eclectic team of interventionalists who work together to get people clean.

Benjamin Bratt is really great in this role.  Banks is flawed, he is emotional, he is damaged, and he’s trying to do the right thing.  His character has trouble relating to his kids, the chemistry he has with his wife is palpable, and the hinted-at past relationship with the lovely Grace Park (surprising in this sex-kitten type role) might turn it all on its head.  The other members of the team are all so different – I like how they all come together.

Gil Bellows is another person I miss having on TV so my delight at seeing him in the pilot is a big reason I was so drawn in.  His story is my favorite of the first hour, and the way it plays out is rather emotional.

That’s not to say I loved everything about the show – I thought at times it was pretty predictable, and that it might be difficult to keep the story fresh as they go, but in general, I’ll be tuning in on a weekly basis to see what they come up with next.