My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy PhotoThey Could Have A Huge Hit On Their Hands

My Own Worst Enemy Photo
In My Own Worst Enemy, Christian Slater is tasked with playing two men who share the same body – both Henry Spivey (an efficiency expert with a wife and two kids) and Edward Albright (a secret agent who speaks 13 languages). They had been living their lives, separated by a specially created program that woke one “personality” while the other went into a deep sleep.Â

The story really starts to take off when that program starts breaking down, and suddenly, Henry is waking up as Edward (in Russia, no less), and Edward is at home with Henry’s family. As the two start to realize that the other exists, Edward’s cohorts in crime (Alfre Woodward’s Mavis and Mike O’Malley’s Tom/Raymond) work to keep Henry in the dark permanently.

The first hour went by quickly, and was definitely easy to watch. Christian Slater commands attention every minute he’s on screen – I wish he had played Henry and Edward with more of a separation between personalities, but I’m intrigued enough to tune back in. Mike O’Malley really blew me away – so used to him as the host of GUTS or the dopey brother-in-law on Yes, Dear, so it was quite shocking to see him play this ruthless secret agent.

All in all, if NBC treats this one correctly, they could have a huge hit on their hands.

The Series Premiere Of My Own Worst Enemy Kicks Off Tonight On NBC At 10:00PM EST