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Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of Life On Mars

Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of Life On Mars


Jason O'mara Life On Mars PhotoDefinitely Appointment Viewing For Me

Life On Mars Cast Photo 

I was worried about ABC when they said that they were doing a remake of BBC’s brilliant series Life on Mars.  For every “The Office,” there is a “Kath and Kim” (review coming soon) and “Coupling,” so the foreign to American remake isn’t a guarantee.  I worried about them even more when they lost David E Kelley as the showrunner.  My fears were slightly quelled when I spent some time with Jason O’Mara, Andre Nemec, and Josh Applebaum over the summer, but I was still worried going into the season as they went through reshoots and recastings and everything dangerous to a brand new pilot.

Having now seen the final-for-air pilot, I’m thrilled to say that I think they’re on their way to a solid hour of television (complete with same intro credits as the BBC series).  Jason O’Mara plays Sam Tyler, a man hit by a car in 2008, and transported through some wormhole into 1973.  A cop in both worlds, he’s not sure how he ended up where he is.  If Jason O’Mara doesn’t finally hit it big after this series, I will be seriously upset.  He’s fantastic.  

In 2008, Lisa Bonet is his girlfriend (and a fellow cop); he disappears to the past after she was kidnapped.  In 1973, he meets the pretty “No Nuts Norris”, Gretchen Mol’s character Annie, and I sense something a-brewing!  It’s almost like the Gene Hunt role was written with Harvey Keitel in mind.  He’s perfect as the brooding head of the squad.  Michael Imperioli is a walking 1973 cliché, complete with long shaggy hair, equally shaggy mustache, and the cheesiest euphemisms and catchphrases ever.  Awesome.  Jonathan Murphy, the show runners’ only October Road holdover, actually brings a good “sidekick” vibe to the team, and I look forward to seeing what they get him in to.

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All in all, definitely appointment viewing for me – can’t wait to see where they go with this show.

Life On Mars Series Premiere : Thusday, October 9th at 10PM EST On ABC

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