Screener Girl Checks Out The Series Premiere Of Kath & Kim

Kath & Kim Photo

Here are the reasons I should love Kath and Kim:  Molly Shannon is from the good old days of Saturday Night Live where things were flat out funny, and not in the uncomfortable reaching funny way that they are now.  Selma Blair is one of the coolest actresses of my generation – and I loved Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane (I’m totally reaching back – remember that show?).  John Michael Higgins is a perma-fixture in my favorite movies (HUGE Christopher Guest fan).  

All of those pros are outweighed by some serious cons and I cannot force myself to watch more episodes than provided to review.  Everything I love going into the show, I cannot stand while watching the show.  Molly Shannon is over the top, Selma Blair is gratingly annoying, and John Michael Higgins, well he’s stuck with terrible dialogue that I just don’t buy.  I haven’t even begun to mention the wardrobe!

If I had one positive, it is that Kath and Kim will be in the middle of an argument, but find time to say something nice about a rug or a pair of shoes, and I think that is totally true to real life, but it could have been surrounded by a better show all around.  The original series, set in Australia, was good.  Done right, I think it would have translated well, but after the two episodes I saw, I can almost 100% call this the new Coupling.  It never should have been made.