Samantha Who?

Samantha Who Cast Photo

Samantha Who? comes back tonight with one of the funniest episodes that I’ve seen. In it, Sam sees a tape of a dance recital she was in from a few years back and decides to get back into prime dancing shape. Coincidentally, Regina is trying desperately to defeat her rival Paula Drake (Cybill Shepherd) in a country club dance competition. Sam thinks it would be great if she was Regina’s partner, what with her incredible ability to dance, and all. The performance at the end is spectacular!

All that, and Sam decides it’s time to leave her parents’ house for good. The whole storyline brings Andrea and Todd together to get him out of Sam’s place, and it’s brilliant.

This show was one of the best new comedies last season, and they kept up the momentum with a great episode to start year two!

Photo : ABC