Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premiere Of House

House Cast PhotoTwo Of The Fastest, Sharpest Episodes That I’ve Seen From The Series To Date

Hugh Laurie House

Season 5 of House starts off with two of the fastest, sharpest episodes that I’ve seen from the series to date.  While they definitely don’t use Chase and Cameron in a way that makes sense (allowing them about 2 minutes of screen time, combined, per episode), I think that they have found a way to make House’s new team work (in particular, I think 13’s realization that she has Huntington’s has been a great boon for the actress Olivia Wilde, and she’s more free with her role).

In the premiere, Wilson is still trying to recover from the devastating loss of Amber in last year’s brilliant season finale.  House spends the majority of the episode not worried too much about the patient of the week (in this case, a woman who hallucinates a bunch of creepy crawlers all over her skin), but rather, worried about his “friendship” with Wilson.  While the episode itself remains formulaic in that they do the differential, they find the disease, and they help the patient, I liked what was different about it so much more.  They took time to focus on what House was feeling about the whole Wilson relationship / accidental death of Cutthroat Bitch, and we got to see Robert Sean Leonard blow it out of the park again by putting his foot down on the relationship.

Episode 2 next week, which features great guest turns by Felicia Day and Michael Westen, continues the woeful House/Wilson relationship and continues to provoke though and laughter.

If I used a ratings scale, it’s a 4.5 out of 5 on these two (they lose .5 points because of the already mentioned lack of Chase and Cameron).  Definitely tune in!

Season 5 Kicks Off Tonight On FOX At 8:00PM EST