Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Finale Of Monk

When It Comes To Season Finales, Monk Knows How To Do It!

When it comes to season finales, Monk knows how to do it!  The first half of the finale airs Friday night and it’s a doozy!  When Monk and the gang get word of some weird connections to Trudy’s still unsolved murder, he takes it upon himself to do some research into the subject.  Alone, and out of contact with Natalie, the Captain, and Randy, Monk finds himself caught up in a murder plot.  Before you know it, he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit, and shackles, and he’s the number one suspect in a murder he didn’t commit.

In a very “un-Monk” storyline, Adrian breaks custody, and heads out on a journey to clear his name.  Natalie is by his side 100%, while Randy and Sottlemeyer are forced to work with the sheriff of the town where Monk “committed murder.”  The story takes some crazy twists and turns, and it plays out in an incredibly dramatic fashion (it was a bit predictable, but very well done).  Like season finales of years past, this one leaves us learning a bit more about Trudy’s death; as usual, it’s just enough to satisfy us slightly, but not enough to know what really happened.  

Make sure to check it out – there’s a great shoutout to Sharona and Benji (I still miss her relationship with Monk), a fabulous car wash scene, and a Randy Disher musical number.  The second half of the finale airs Friday 2/22!