Screener Girl Checks Out The Season 2 Premiere Of The Riches

Tune Into Season 2 Of FX's The Riches

The Riches On FX
The Riches are back, and I’m not lying when I say that they’re better than ever.  The story literally picks up where last season’s finale ended, with Wayne and Dahlia packing up the family and trying to head out of town once Doug’s friend Pete had found them out!  It gets worse, before it gets better, and I’m completely hooked.

There is really strong work being done by the entire cast in the premiere episode.  Wayne (Eddie Izzard) gets himself entangled with two drunken men, a body in a car trunk, a gun, a wayward security guard, and a deal with the devil.  Dahlia (Minnie Driver), on the other hand, is out on the road with the kids, Cherien Rich’s mom, and surprise guest. An accident in the woods strands them in a tiny dive town in Texas.  There’s a Janis Joplin sing-a-long that made me giggle.  Minnie Driver can totally belt.  The kids are all confused about what’s going on, and they know how to sell it.  Di Di’s anger at leaving the new life she loves, Cael’s happiness at getting back to the traveler life, and Sam’s naiveté about just about everything are what makes them totally believable.  At the heart of the story, separated or not, is the love shared between Wayne and Dahlia.  With all of the horrible stuff going on in their lives, we’re made to believe that love is all you need when the world around you starts to crumble.

There’s a darker tone to the premiere that The Riches only started to touch on towards the end of Season 1.  From the sounds of it, that’s the tone we’re going to see for the rest of the season, and it suited the show very well.  

Be sure to tune into the premiere – it has humor, and drama, and sadness, and a slight sense of danger.  With only 7 episodes this season, they need all the viewers they get to insure we get to see more of the Malloys!