Screener Girl Checks Out The Season 2 Premiere Of Greek

Greek PhotoGreek Is Back With All New Episodes

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It feels like forever since we got to hang out with the gang from Cypress Rhodes.  When we last left them, they were all having a fantastic (or not so fantastic) time on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach.  

The season premiere starts with our favorites back at school, ready to celebrate Greek Week on campus with the Greek Olympics.   The gang is all there as everyone tries to recover from what did, almost did, or didn’t happen on Spring Break.  Rebecca is struggling to get past her little show that has been broadcast on the internet for all the world to see.  Rebecca’s downward spiral brings Charisma Carpenter’s ZBZ chairperson back to ZBZ.  Cappie tries to be the best boyfriend he can be, but he’s very busy trying to succeed in the Olympics.  Evan and Cappie (with his incredible knowledge of all things Olympics) are just as immature as ever with their bitter rivalry.  It’s good to see that some friendships are surviving though – there is some great Calvin/Rusty(/Dale) moments as they work on the bond that was broken last season.  Ashley’s flip flop man isn’t forgotten either – while we don’t see him, we get an idea that Ash hasn’t quite moved on.  And the Casey storyline really shines in this episode, too – she really shows how awesome she is as the President of ZBZ.  It’s exciting to think about where they’ll take Casey as she learns about what went down on Spring Break between Evan and Frannie!

The show is funny when it should be, full of drama and emotion when it should be, and just an all around hour of great TV.  It is the kind of hour that goes by too quickly and leaves you counting the minutes until the next great episode.

The second season of Greek kicks off on Tuesday, August 26th at 9:00pm EST on ABC Family