Screener Girl Checks Out The Food NetworkÂ’s Next Food Network Star

Bobby Flay PhotoStill Can't Stand Rachael Ray But Loving Next Food Network Star

Any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find me cleaning my room or cooking something while The Food Network plays in the background.  I love Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Meals; I wish Paula Dean was my grandmother.  I cannot stand Rachael Ray and during her 30-Minute Meals, I mention it 100 or so times (but it stays on…go figure).

I enjoy reality shows that show people doing what they do best and being rewarded for it.  One of my favorite of the bunch is Food Network’s Next Food Network Star.  It brings together all of my favorite Food Network personalities.  Bobby Flay (Boy Meets Grill, among others) is on as the host this season.  The first challenge finds Alton Brown (Good Eats) helping the contestants define their culinary style on camera (some people are seriously awful).  The first elimination challenge (note: I do not know who was kicked off – I’ll be watching along with the rest of you) features the chefs pairing up and cooking 3 dishes (1 of their own, and one combination platter) for some of our favorites – Giada DeLaurentis is there, and Sandra Lee, and The Neelys.  I think TFN is the only network that can bring together all of its stars for a legitimate reason and I really like that.  

My gut reaction is that I want Cory Kahaney to step up, be as hilarious as she was on Last Comic Standing and take the whole thing.  I also really like contestant Shane, who, at 19, is the youngest competitor.  My other favorite after episode 1 is Kevin, who takes a romantic look at cooking.  On the flip side, I wouldn’t cry if the first eliminated contestant was Lisa and her 3-Cs of culinary-whatever-crap she throws out at us.

Check it out Sunday and let us know what you think – who is your favorite and did the person you wanted to go home hit the road?

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