Screener Girl Checks Out The Cutting Edge 3

Cutting Edge 3 PhotoScreener Girl Checks Out The Cutting Edge 3

Everyone knows the story of The Cutting Edge, right?  Girl is a world class figure skater.  Girl loses partner due to his super indulgent selfish ways.  Boy is a world class ice hockey player.  Boy loses chance to play hockey.  Girl meets Boy.  Girl hates Boy, “toepick”.  Girl and Boy skate together.  They win, they love, the end.  It was one of the most inspirational movies of my young adult life.  I watch it whenever it’s on (and of course I have the DVD on my shelf)!  

Years later, ABC Family decided we needed a second saga about a figure skater named Jackie (daughter to my favorite pairs skaters Doug and Kate, Boy and Girl from above) and her new partner skating and trying to win the Gold medal and having a little romance as they go.  And I have to say, I didn’t hate it.  It was the perfect made for tv/video kind of movie that you watch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Plus I really liked the idea that Kate and Doug had a kid, and that’s how the story of the original movie was able to continue.

Here we are, on the verge of Sunday’s premiere of The Cutting Edge 3, and I’ve had the chance to check out this second sequel.  Like Bring It On: All or Nothing in comparison to Bring It On Again, The Cutting Edge 3 isn’t any better or worse than The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold, but it almost seems unnecessary to have a third part of the story.

This time around, Zach loses his girlfriend to a nasty fall and has to find a new partner in time to take his skating act to Paris.  Enter rough around the edges Alex Delgado, the requisite beautiful tough talking hockey player.   Their coach hightails it out of there when it seems like Zach won’t win (defecting, of course, to Zach’s biggest rivals), and when everything seems like it won’t work out, enter Jackie (Even Stevens’ Christy Carlson Romano), out of self-imposed early retirement in time to make Zach and Alex work.  

It’s not a bad movie.  It’s a nice way to pass the time.  It’s just not the original, or really very original at all.