Screener Girl Checks Out Sweet Nothing In My Ear

Sweet Nothing In My Ear PhotoThe Cochlear Implant Debate Is At The Heart Of Sweet Nothing In My Ear

Sweet Nothing In My Ear Photo
Hallmark Hall of Fame’s latest offering, the really well done Sweet Nothing in my Ear, is a movie worth spending time watching.  The movie tells the story of a loving family (2/3 of which are deaf) that is sadly and abruptly torn apart by the debate over whether deaf children should be given cochlear implants.  Adam, the child in question (played well by Noah Valencia in his “introducing” role), was born hearing but lost the ability when he was 4.  At the age of 8, when he hurts his knee, his father gets advice from an ER doctor (played by my friend Chris Gartin from Side Order of Life) to look into a cochlear implant.  The implant becomes all that Dan (Jeff Daniels’ character) can think about and it begins to destroy the seemingly unbreakable relationship he has with his wife (Marlee Matlin).  

Some familiar faces in this movie – Lost fans will recognize Penny (Sonya Walger), as Marlee Matlin’s attorney in the film, and Jericho fans will recognize Bonnie (Shoshanna Stern) as a witness for Dan’s pro-cochlear side in court.  Marlee Matlin and Jeff Daniels give subtle yet powerful performances as this couple trying to do what’s best for their son in their own ways.  

At the heart of the movie is the decision whether or not to get their child the cochlear implant, but the story is relatable on so many different levels.  What happens when a seemingly perfect relationship starts to crumble because they weight of a difference brings it all crashing down?  The only way out is up, as the family begins to realize just what is important and how to overcome.

Sweet Nothing in my Ear airs tonight at 9:00 ET/PT on CBS.