Screener Girl Checks Out Supernatural’s Mystery Spot

Screener Girl Says You Better Make A Date With Supernatural On Valentines Day

Supernatural Photo
This week’s Supernatural takes the fabulous Winchester boys to a small town in Broward County.  In town to check out the disappearance of a college professor who visited the local “Mystery Spot” (where physics don’t exist), Sam finds himself living Tuesday over and over again.  Every morning, he wakes up to the same Asia song.  He watches Dean gargle for a ridiculous amount of time.  They eat at the same diner, and Sam starts to know everything that there is to possibly know about the diners at the diner.  Each day, he repeats the same story about repeating each Tuesday to his brother; Dean thinks Sam has gone crazy.

Living through the Groundhog Day from Hell, Sam (without giving too much away) goes out of his way to prevent something terrible from happening.  After so many Tuesdays that Sam has lost count, Sam and Dean have a run in with someone that Supernatural fans should recognize.  This person explains what’s been happening, and why it’s been happening to Sam.  They do eventually get to Wednesday, but it’s pretty explosive how that turns out.  To spoil the big twist would be to ruin it, but the later part of the episode really gives Jared Padalecki a great chance to show off his skills.

Make sure you tune into one of the best episodes I’ve seen so far this year – you won’t be disappointed!

This Thursday, 2/14 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW