Screener Girl Checks Out Supernatural’s Jus In Bello

Screener Girl Says Don't Miss The Last New Supernatural Until April

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Our boys are in Colorado this week, still trying to track down Bela.  Through some clever planning on her part and a tip sent out to the FBI agent that’s been tracking them for a while now, the Winchesters end up behind bars, shackled to one another.  As the boys are stuck behind bars, confronted with the fact that they’re wanted for being Satan worshiping devil men, evil converges on their location.  

Things get out of hand quickly, as they tend to do on this show!  Without giving too much away about how or why, Dean and Sam once again find themselves involved in a scary demon fight.  It’s also nice to see in this episode that Dean and Sam aren’t always on the same page about everything (we find that out when Sam calls on a friend for some help).  Sometimes they keep things from each other, and it doesn’t always turn out well!

Jensen and Jared are both really great in this episode – Jensen playing Dean with humor in the face of a problem, and Jared playing Sam full of worry and doubt.  I enjoy the two of them more and more each time I watch the show!  Don’t miss this episode – the ending sets the stage for a lot of great episodes to come!

This Thursday, 2/21 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW