Screener Girl Checks Out Sunday Premiere Night On CBS

Amazing Race Cast

Sunday night on CBS is back with the same old stuff that people know and love.

At 8, the Emmy award winning The Amazing Race is back with a fast paced episode.  I already feel like it’s picked up a lot from a decidedly lackluster past few episodes.  I know enough about some of the teams already to have picked my favorites and my least favorites.  Phil continues to be one of my favorite reality hosts and he’s doing the same old stuff this time around as the teams travel the world.  It sounds like they’ve gone to more parts of the world this year, and that the challenges will continue to be more difficult as they come. 

Cold Case’s season premiere does what they always do – find an old murder, throw out a bunch of red herrings, and solve the case by the end of the hour.  The team is as solid as ever, with their great chemistry.  I love Bobby Cannavale’s character, and I hope we see a bit more of him before the season is over (even though he’s got Cupid to worry about).  I think he and Lilly have a great thing going, and hope that they investigate that further. 

To end the night, The Unit returns with a solid episode.  I wish that this show got more attention because it definitely deserves it.  Scott Foley is really good, but he’s terribly underrated.  I will watch Dennis Haysbert in anything, even those insurance commercials, so he’s a big draw for the show.  The Unit continues to do what they’ve done for the past few years.  They set up a great story line for both the men and the women so far and I hope that more people tune in so that we’re sure to be able to see the rest of the episodes.  I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a show that doesn’t work well when spoiled.  I always feel like at any moment, this show could fall off the bubble into cancellation and it would be a big shame.