Screener Girl Checks Out Season 3 Of 30 Days

30 Days Review Should Be On Everyone’s Top Ten Lists!

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30 DAYS: Morgan Spurlock experiences life as a coal miner in Pineville, West Virginia and lives with a coal-mining family on 30 DAYS premiering Tuesday, June 3 (10:00 PM ET/PT) on FX. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FX
Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days is remarkable television.  After watching the Season 3 premiere, I now care more about West Virgina coal miners with black lung than I ever thought possible.  Having grown up in a coal mining town in WV, Morgan travels back to his home state to spend 30 days working in a mine in the town of Bolt.  He lives with a coal miner named Dale (his boss, a man who makes six figures a year working at the mine) and Dale’s wife Sandy, and immediately gets himself involved in their world. 

Throughout the course of an hour, Morgan meets and bonds with his fellow miners as he learns the emotional and physical toll of being underground.  He also spends time with family members from the victims of the Sego mine collapse.  There is time spent, as well, with industry executives who give him a better understanding of the financial aspect of the coal mining business.  Like Morgan, after 30 days, I was emotionally connected to the family, and found myself in surprising waterworks by the end of the episode. 

Episode 2 involves former Broncos cornerback Ray Crockett spending 30 days in a wheelchair (another emotionally charged episode that gets you thinking).  Morgan and crew also deal with the hunter versus PETA debate in an hour of television that Spurlock himself says “It's maybe the best hour of television I have ever seen in my life” (I mean, Hush from BTVS and The Constant from Lost were pretty good hours, but this one was pretty great, and might rank in my top 20 for sure).  The other episodes this season deal with gun control, same sex parenting, and life on an Indian Reservation.

Do yourselves a favor and do not miss out on this thought-provoking show that should be on everyone’s top ten lists!

Seson 3 Kicks Off On Tuesday, June 3rd At 10 PM ET/PT On FX