Screener Girl Checks Out Season 2 Of Dirt

Screener Girl Takes A Look At The First Two Episodes From Season 2 Of Dirt

Dirt Season 2 Photo Of Courtney Cox
©2008 FX CR: Michael Becker / FX
For those of you who loved Dirt last season, you’re in luck.  The first new episode of Season 2 airs tonight on FX.  For those of you who didn’t love Dirt so much last season, I encourage you to give it another shot because it seems a bit more fun this year.   

Courteney Cox is back as Dirt Now editor Lucy Spiller, fresh off her Season 1 ending stabbing at the hands of crazy actress Julia Mallory (Lily Allen in a very small cameo).  She’s still cutthroat and possibly a little bit evil.  But she’s still a smart business woman who is just trying to produce the best magazine possible.  Along for the ride this season are her best friend Don Konky (Ian Hart), on his schizophrenia medication for the first time in a long time.  Gone are the conversations with his cat and his ghostly visions of his dead celebrity crush.  He seems to be the only person with Lucy’s best interests at heart.  

Holt McLaren (Josh Stewart) is back again this season.  He is obviously still in love with Lucy, which is difficult now that he’s reached mega-stardom.  In the two episodes I saw, it looks like there might be a little hope for them, and that’s a good thing!  Last year, Willa (Alexandra Breckenridge) slept with the big boss, and tried as best as she could to out do Lucy.  This year, she seems more put-in-her-place and just wants to help make Dirt Now a great magazine.  

New characters and great guest stars abound – Ryan Eggold is new to the show as a “real journalist” named Farber, trying to get into the publishing world.  Lucy is impressed by his ability to get into her hospital room when no other reporters had been able to, and she hires him to help Dirt Now.

By the end of episode two, we’ve already met Tom Arnold as an Alex Baldwin / David Hasselhoff clone, Ashley Johnson (Growing Pains) plays a popstar with some hidden problems who goes to mini-war with Lucy, Kiersten Warren (Saved by the Bell: The College Years), and Elizabeth Harnois in a role modeled after socialite Paris Hilton.  Still to come this season is Courteney Cox’s sister-in-law Roseanna Arquette.
Above all this season, the show is set within the Dirt Now offices more this year than it was last year.  They really use the magazine to propel the self-contained hour long episodes and story lines forward.  Is Dirt a masterpiece of television perfection?  No, but it’s an easy way to pass an hour in a time when we’re still waiting for the shows we love to make a return to the airwaves!