Screener Girl Checks Out Psych And Monk


Screener Girl Checks Out The Season Premieres Of Psych And Monk


Friday nights on USA are once again all new as everyone’s favorite private investigators are back on the job.

On the season premiere of Monk, reeling from the death of his beloved Dr. Kroger (a nice dedication to the late Stanley Kamel, who died unexpectedly earlier this year), Adrian is restless and unable to keep himself busy.  He and Natalie have been visiting multiple docs, but no one sticks.  He tries desperately to find an unsolved murder to keep himself from thinking about Kroger, ultimately choosing a wheel chair bound man’s fall from the top of his stairs, originally ruled an accident.  While investigating, Monk falls quickly in love with the dead man’s house, and puts an offer in, in an attempt to get away from the sounds of his old next door neighbor girl playing Chopin on the piano (Chopin was Dr. Kroger’s favorite).  Special guest star Brad Garrett, playing a handyman, pounces on Adrian at the local hardware store, offering to help him “fix” up the house.  A few disasters later, Monk solves the case, and finds a new psychiatrist in Hector Elizondo.  This is a totally classic Monk episode, and I actually found myself laughing out loud a few times, which hasn’t happened in a few seasons.  Tony Shalhoub proves why he deserves Emmy nominations year after year, but I would complain that there wasn’t enough Randy and Natalie interaction – I love them together!

Following Monk, on the third season premiere of Psych, Cybil Shepherd shows up as Shawn’s mom.  Turns out she’s in town to help the SBPD, as a guest therapist, which makes for some awesome scenes with Lassiter.  He pulled his gun at a wide variety of crime scenes, regardless of necessity, resulting in a need for therapy.  Cybil brings with her a whopper of a reveal that changes everything Shawn thought he knew.  Henry acts weird; Shawn doesn’t like it, what else is new?  In case-of-the-week business, Gus gets a new boss at work who finds out about his side job and tells him he can’t do both his job and Psych.  Lucky for Gus, his boss’ boss, played by the always awesome Christopher McDonald, has a haunted house and needs Gus and Shawn to help them solve the mystery.  Typical Psych-ian antics abound and there’s a great resolution to the case.  James Roday and Dule Hill have incredible bromance chemistry – I love Shawn and Gus’ friendship.  Overall, this is a great season opener, which brought more than just comedy to the table, and I hope it’s a sign of really great things for the new season!