Screener Girl Checks Out Prison Break

Prison Break Photo4th Season Premiere Sets The Course For An Exciting Season

Privileged Cast Photo 

Another season, another wildly improbable route for Prison Break to take us down.  For the fourth time in as many years, the gang is back together and working as a team to get themselves out of another pickle.  All of our favorites (and some of our not so favorites) are quickly thrown back together under the awesome leadership of new cast member Michael Rapaport’s Agent Self. Everyone has their own motivation for banding together to take down the company (Bill Fichtner, you make me want to find you and give you a big old hug) and it makes for some interesting interactions; it‘s like an “Ocean‘s 13“ for TV (it‘s more like “Ocean‘s 6 or 7“).  This year, there’s no breaking out of prison.  There is some breaking in, so maybe they should consider a title change?  As it’s been widely publicized, Sara Tancredi is back and she is pissed!  I like her infinitesimally more this season that I did in years past.  My favorite part about the two hour season premiere was new cast member Cress Williams.  He is a TOTAL bad ass; I wouldn‘t ever want to cross him!  I also loved one of the bigger shocks that we got early in the first hour and the new teammate / ex-con Roland.  Prison Break is the kind of show that tends to lose it’s way every few episodes, and then get intriguing again, only to lose its way as it heads towards the season finale.  If you allow a certain suspension of belief, the 4th season premiere sets the course for an exciting season; hopefully they don’t let us down!

The 4th season of Prison Break kicks off with a two hour premiere tonight on FOX at 8PM EST