Screener Girl Checks Out My Boys And The Bill Engvall Show

My Boys PhotoScreener Girl Checks Out The Season Premieres Of My Boys And The Bill Engvall Show

Thursdays on TBS this summer are the place to be.  There is a little bit of something for everyone with brand new episodes of both The Bill Engvall Show and My Boys.
Bill Engvall Show Cast Photo

Up first, at 9 on Thursdays, is The Bill Engvall Show.  I have to say that I expected to hate this show, having not watched season 1.  I’m not a huge fan of being force-fed a laugh, or being made to think that precocious children are hilarious (which is why I hate 2.5 Men).  That said, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes I was able to screen of Season 2.  What really shocked me is that I found myself quite easily comparing this show to one of my favorites from the last generation of family comedies – Home Improvement.  You have the dad who doesn’t know nearly as much as he thinks he does, but he has a heart of gold.  You have the mom who knows everything and loves her dopey, almost ne’er do well hubby.  You have the three children along for the ride, ready to provide a laugh or two here and there.  And you have the wacky other guy, in this case, played by Tim Meadows who really understands that he’s there to play that “out there, unlucky in love friend” role.  One of the best things about this show is the fact that the storylines are absolutely relatable.  I’ve lived through my dad asking me to clean the garage, me claiming I wouldn’t do it, him restricting my internet time, and me caving and cleaning the garage.  I’ve seen my mother able to get something for free, when my dad tries the same tactic and ends up with an additional charge.  It’s a good family comedy that I think everyone could enjoy.

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Airing at 9:30, we see the official start of Season 2 of My Boys, one of my favorite comedies currently on TV.  Within the first few minutes of the first episode back, we know who is on that plane with PJ.  And no, I won’t be telling you, because that would be cheating; cheating you out of enjoying a good episode of a great show.   I love the relationship between PJ and Stephanie.  It’s believable, it’s fun.  I think Jim Gaffigan delivers a joke like no one else.  And the huge crush I’m rocking for Reid Scott (Brando) has not disappeared since the show has been off the air.  All that said, and the fact that I did enjoy the first episode, I have to say that I prefer the second episode I got to screen.  We don’t get to see much of PJ interacting with the whole group in episode 1, and I think that’s what makes this show the best.  The poker scenes, the talking over each other, the banter that this group has, it’s all worth tuning in.  The dinner party gone awry in the second episode is fantastic.  By no means will you dislike the season premiere, but it is a bit of a letdown coming off of last year’s fantastic finale.  Keep watching – I’m sure the show will just keep getting better, especially with guest stars like Nia Vardalos as Andy’s “work wife” coming up later this summer.

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