Screener Girl Checks Out Moonlight’s Fated To Pretend

Moonlight PhotoScreener Girl Has Seen This Weeks ALL NEW Episode Of Moonlight

Moonlight Fated To Pretend Photo
Well Moonlight fans, we’re finally back!  A brand new episode of Moonlight airs Friday night on CBS and I could not be happier.  This is one of those shows that I fall a little bit more in love with every week and this latest offering made no exception to the rule.  

What surprised me most about this week’s Moonlight wasn’t the twist 35 minutes into the show.  It wasn’t the storyline or who the killer of the week was.  It was how fun, and solid, the show seemed to be.  In a nutshell (and without giving anything away that isn’t in the TV listing for the week):  Mick is human again and he loves food, he and Beth have a picnic, someone we know is killed, they need to find out who did it, Josef is a suspect, Logan (Cliff from Ugly Betty) is back, and Beth and the super hot new DA (played by Eric Winters of Viva Laughlin Brothers and Sisters) get kidnapped.  I was surprised by how smooth some of the jokes came off, and how few, if any, scenes seemed wooden (I’m sorry; though I love the show, I was never convinced Sophia Myles could act). Suddenly, Beth is funny, and the chemistry between her and Mick is palpable (Alex O’Loughlin is sublime).  Dohring’s character is what I always felt he was intended to be, but was never fully fleshed out: funny, charismatic, a little dark, and all out awesome.  The hour literally flew by, and I was antsy for another new, just as fun, episode coming next week.  Maybe I loved the episode so much because I’ve been without Moonlight since January, but it’s definitely a great start to the end of the season!

Moonlight – Fated To Pretend Airs Friday, April 25th at 9 ET/PT on CBS