Screener Girl Checks Out In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight Photo USA Has Once Again Delivered The Goods

Mary McCormack In Plain Sight Photo 
I am a big fan of USA’s original shows, both past and present.  I loved the 4400, I love Monk and Psych; I think Burn Notice is fantastic.  I had the chance to watch the first three episodes of their latest offering, In Plain Sight, and I have to say that USA has once again delivered the goods.  

The story follows US Marshall Mary Shannon from the Witness Security division of the Witness Protection Service.  She is your stereotypical tough-girl cop – talks a lot, doesn’t always listen, isn’t afraid to step on toes or walk into the men’s room in order to talk to a possible witness.  She has your typical (I mean that in a good way) wise-cracking sidekick/partner, a fellow Marshall named Marshall (played with relish by Frederick Weller).  Her boss Stan might or might not have a crush on her.  Her boyfriend Raphael is prone to not get her, and she doesn’t seem to understand their relationship.  Her sister Brandi is up to no good, and her mother Jinx is an incredibly ditzy (LOVE Lesley Ann Warren).  I like how the story alternates between her dealing with both her work problems (a witness wants breast implants, another witness’ father almost ruins their whole cover with his ego) and her family problems (Jinx doesn’t have a job, Brandi is basically useless, etc).

Is it groundbreaking storytelling?  Not really – it’s a unique idea (the Witness Protection Services and the backdrop of Albuquerque is great) with a semi-usual method of telling a story.  The most important thing is that it’s easy to watch and just as easy to enjoy!