Screener Girl Checks Out Burn Notice

Burn Notice PhotoScreener Girl Checks Out Season 2 Of Burn Ntoice

Burn Notice Cast Photo 
Michael Westen and his team are back on Thursday night and they deliver an hour full of action, humor, and drama all rolled into a neat little package that ends with one of our favorite Cylons driving off in a car.

The season premiere begins a few hours after where season 1 ended, with Michael sitting in his car in the back of the big truck from the finale.  He is quickly “freed” from the truck, only to get a phone call.  A voice we BSGers all know and love greets him on the end of the line, as Tricia Helfer starts her recurring arc as Carla, Michael’s new handler.  She explains to him that he basically now works for the very people he was fighting against (those who burned him; how very “Alias” of him). 

Michael recruits a happy Sam and thoroughly pissed Fiona into helping him work on his first mission for the Burners (I wonder if they’ll get like a criminal espionage team name so I don’t have to call them the Burners).  Michael also finds time to do the son thing, visiting his mom when he really doesn’t have the time to; they manage to have a heart to heart about why Michael never let her into the spy world.  It was very touching.

The cast is really fantastic in this episode.  Fiona’s breakthrough, and Madeline’s nagging, and Sam’s just being a great friend all around all really shine at the right moments.  Tricia Helfer has possibly never looked better.  The writers have managed once again to give us reason to believe Michael is truly “stuck” in a beautiful place like Miami and Jeffrey Donovan is such a charming actor that I could watch him do anything and love him more each time.  This is a solid hour of television that’s a welcome breath of fresh air amongst the game shows and reality TV that networks are throwing at us this summer!