Screener Girl Checks Out Bones

Bones In LondonBones And Booth Kick Off Season 4 In The UK


Did you ever love a show so much before it aired that you were already an insta-fan?  That’s how I was with Bones.  I‘ve watched and loved every episode.  So that’s why I was so excited to watch the 4th season premiere that airs tonight on FOX. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have an undeniable chemistry that is both professional and totally romantic without their characters ever realizing it.

It did not disappoint! Tonight’s 2 hour season premiere finds our main duo in England – Booth for a presentation at Scotland Yard; Bones for a speaking engagement at Oxford.  With their British counterparts – the British Bones Dr. Ian Wexler (guest star Andrew Buchan) and the British Booth Cate Pritchard (needs-her-own-show Indira Varma) – Brennan and Booth set out to solve the mystery behind the death of an American heiress whose car was found in the Thames.  The storyline takes a surprising twist at the end of the first hour when the murder investigation heads in a completely different direction, leading the way for a suspenseful second hour. 

In other news – Angela’s husband Birembau makes a visit that has damaging ramifications for everyone involved.  It’s really great to see other characters interact with Sweets, too.  I love the Booth and Bones couples’ counseling scenes, but when Cam or Angela goes to Sweets for advice, it really shows what a good decision it was for John Francis Daley to join the cast.

That said, I did miss Zach.  His interaction with Hodgins was an important part of the show, so I hope that the writers can kind of recover from that before too long.

All told, they’ve laid the groundwork for a very exciting season and I can’t wait to see where they take us next!

Season 4 Of Bones Premieres Tonight On FOX At 8:00PM EST