Adds 15 New Titles To Gaming Lineup

SCIFI.COM, one of the cable industry’s leaders in casual gaming, continues its digital success with 15 new additional titles being added to its gaming lineup this spring and summer, it was announced today by Craig Engler, Senior Vice President & General Manager, SCI FI Digital. The expansive new games will include four “casual massively multiplayer online games” which provide an in-depth experience similar to traditional “massively multi-player online game” (MMOG) without the requirement of gamers to purchase or install any special software to their computers.

The casual gaming titles include the May launch of Humans vs. Robots: Hockey Warz and Planet 9 Prospector, as well as Dig Droid; Mind Hack; Warehouse 13: Clean Up America’s Attic; Battlestar Galactica Cylon Combat Simulator; Deep Sea Word Defense; Psydoku; Monk’s Mind Machine and Nubbin Hunt as well as the five MMOG games including Sea Fight, Space Invasion, X Blaster and Dark Orbit.

“There is a tremendous overlap between people who enjoy the imagination-based entertainment on Sci Fi and people who play games,” said Engler. “So expanding the Game Center, the #1 section of SCIFI.COM in April*, is a natural fit not only for our audience but for our advertisers. By offering more casual MMOG’s to our lineup, we’re giving our visitors an experience that’s much richer than a typical online game, but in a way that’s still easily accessible from a simple browser window.”

Games Descriptions:

Dig Droid: Currently Available – Use your puzzle-solving skills to help a lonely robot get back to his underground base.

Mind Hack: Currently Available – A good hacker has to be able to crack any code. Can you find the hidden words and beat the system?

Humans vs. Robots: Hockey Warz: Premieres May – Get your paddle ready and claim air hockey supremacy for your species!

Planet 9 Prospector: Premieres May – Roll up your sleeves and join these interstellar excavators as they thrash mounds of rock for the sake of all mankind.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Combat Simulator: Premieres June – Flex your trigger finger, exercise tactical awareness, and frag some frakkin’ toasters.

Deep Sea Word Defense: Premieres June – Only your vocabulary and quick-draw typing stand between the denizens of the deep and ultimate destruction.

Psydoku: Premieres June – There’s no substitute for the power of the mind. Find out how powerful your mind is in this classic puzzle game.

Nubbin Hunt: Premieres June – The Nubbins are loose! Help Dr. Magnus round up these troublesome fur balls and secure the Sanctuary.

Warehouse 13: Clean Up America’s Attic: Premieres June – Artie needs your help! Sort warehouse items and keep the relics collection from getting out of control.

MMOG Games Descriptions:

SeaFight Currently Available

You’ve heard the story before: The vigilante pirate and his trusty mates set sail in search of vast treasures. But this time, you get to decide how it all ends and be the pirate force no one can reckon with. Join thousands of others in the fight against monsters and enemy ships. Band together in guilds to form strong alliances. Show no mercy to those threatening to take your prized possessions!

Space Invasion – Currently Available

Sure, it’s fun to conquer civilizations and all that – but don’t get too cocky. You’ll need to do the not-so-glamorous stuff too, like mining raw materials, to build the defenses you need. Because as your empire expands, you’ll find lots of new enemies who would love to give you a big cosmic smackdown. Strategy is key as you command your own Imperial space fleet while discovering uncharted planets, forming colonies and protecting them from attack.

X Blaster – Currently Available

Mount up! Equip your robo warrior with the latest mech-tech weaponry and defenses, as you prepare to meet all challengers on the field of battle. Choose your mech wisely. They come equipped with special features, like missiles and a nitro package (which gives you a generous boost in speed). Destroy the onslaught of steel foes as you advance on your way to victory.

Dark Orbit – Currently Available

Collecting raw materials from space and shooting enemy ships: good. Shooting spacecraft from your own company: very bad. Pilot your ship to the far reaches of the galaxy as you lay claim to the riches that can be found amongst the stars. You’ll have some important decisions to make – like whether you want to work for a massive mining company based on Earth, Mars, or Venus

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