Samantha Who?


Samantha Who? returns tonight on ABC.  The biggest question of all is will people remember that this show still exists?  After being kept off the air due to a ratings grabbing season of The Bachelor, ABC decided to bench Ugly Betty for a few weeks, and burn off the remaining Samantha Who? episodes with their new comedy In the Motherhood.

In the first episode back (not, it’s important to note, the episode that was to air before the show left the air), Sam and Todd are still living together as roommates and nothing more.  They both want more; neither will say it.  Andrea is dating a man via text message, for fear of meeting him and the relationship going sour.  And Dena…oh Dena.  She has to have the Newlys help her break off a relationship with a soldier in Iraq who she inadvertently entered into a relationship with.

The show is as charming as ever, and the fact that they continue to find new ways for Sam to remember something, or learn something, just speaks for a great creative team behind the show.  I love Jean Smart and Melissa McCarthy together.  Regina and Dena are brilliant!  The show has the terrible “luck” of re-airing against a rescheduled American Idol, so it already looks grim, but the core fans should find the show and have their friends watch, too, because it’s better than a lot of things we’re seeing on TV these days!


Samantha Who? Returns Tonight On ABC Thursday, March 26th at 8:30PM EST.